The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 74


AVEP2014ShirtLogoThis is going to be a mashup between the Within the Trenches podcast and the AudioVillains! This episode will say Within the Trenches but it doubles as episode 74 of the AudioVillains. So laugh, listen and share!


Within the Trenches Ep 72

Hello everyone and welcome back to another awesome episode of Within the Trenches. I know it has been a while but I have had a lot going on. The past month or so I have been traveling non-stop for work and I recently moved to Fort Wayne Indiana. My schedule has been slammed but I have a lot coming up for the show. New episodes, announcements and fan page fun so get ready! This episode was recorded about 3 weeks ago and is a mash up of the AudioVillains Podcast and Within the Trenches. The AudioVillains Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 71

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Within the Trenches! It has been about a month since episode 70. I have been busy like you wouldn't believe but in no way am I letting this show go. I'm working harder than ever to bring you awesome content including more dispatch stories/highlights and continuing education. I could say everything here but it is all explained in this new episode so check it out and share and comment! As always you can email the show with questions and if you want to be a Read more [...]

The RandomCast – RSAB Edition

In this episode of the RandomCast I sat down with my wife Rebecca and our good friends Anna and her husband Samuel. The episode was very fun to do and if you listen close you can hear our kids in the background. Yep, we are all married with kids and this is the only time we have so enjoy the children singing in the background. We cover whether or not oranges are actually the color orange or green and brown and we go through a list of old school stuff from Buzzfeed that the children of today will Read more [...]