A little tip…

Due to a drinking problem and several bottles of carrot juice mixed with Bourbon, the Easter Bunny has been arrested for OWI and impersonating the true reason for celebrating Easter. This post will be short on this Easter Eve and without preaching too much let’s just remember the reason we are celebrating this holiday.  We celebrate because Jesus, who is my homeboy, was crucified, placed in a tomb, and resurrected. If you find this offensive or you don’t believe just remember that you have your beliefs and I have mine. We’re all good and this is just part of my sense of humor and the reason we celebrate Easter, not the guy pictured to the left. Have a great and happy Easter everyone!

(Source of pic: http://www.nowpublic.com/style/easter-bunny-pics-2011-cute-sketchy-downright-scary-2779853.html)


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