Umm…is that Jason?

Hello everyone and Happy Friday the 13th from Jabber Log and none other than Jason Voorhees. Today is the day that we try to be a bit more careful. We play it off that there is nothing wrong with this day but in the back of our mind we fear it. We see it as the day of bad luck, the day where everything could potentially go wrong. Maybe that’s why Jason picked this day to kill his victims. I mean, you have to admit that they had some pretty bad luck or maybe there really is something to this day that makes it so shitty for some people.

I was doing a little research and I found a site called hauntedbay.com. There is a section dedicated to Friday the 13th and some interesting incidents that have occurred in the past. Apparently Cain killed Abel on a Friday the 13th, Judas who was the 13th guest who betrayed Jesus who was then crucified on a Friday. Weird huh?

Well here are a few more interesting yet creepy facts. In a hangman’s noose there are 13 twists of rope and 13 gallows. Woman drivers have a 64% increased chance of death when driving on this day. Is this not nuts? Finally the great flood occurred on a Friday and the Apollo 13 shuttle also suffered from this number. Call it what you will but this day sucks a fat veiner! A special thanks to hauntedbay.com and if you are in the woods today watch out for Mr. Voorhees and any females out there driving, please be careful. Happy Friday the 13th my fellow Jabber Loggers.

Source: http://www.hauntedbay.com/history/friday13.shtml


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  1. NeeNee Gamez says:

    I was going thru ur logs &found this1…..Its crazy, the last Friday the 13 was my baby brothers birthday: March13, 2009. He went out to celebrate his 21st & Never came home. We will reunite 2014 bro, Love u <3

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