A bit of me…

Here I am, about an hour from my birthday and I am reflecting on my life. I have gone through a lot in my 30 years on Earth. I have lived through events that you wouldn’t believe and I came out on top. I have learned a lot of lessons and I have learned them the hard way. There have been times that I was dragged through the dirt but I came out clean in the end.

In my 30 years I have had my heart broken, I have broken hearts, I have lost loved ones, and I have gained new ones. I lost my eldest son and I apologize for anything and everything I ever did Melissa. My family and friends stretch far and beyond and I care for them and appreciate the part they play in my life. I am happy with my life and what I have accomplished. This is only the beginning; I have much more to give. Get ready, the next 30 years are going to kick ass. Thank you and Happy Birthday to me.


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