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Umm…yeah, this is not going to be a post about Schwarzenegger and his teenage terminator kid. This is a post about this coming Saturday, which has been labeled Judgement Day or the return of Christ, hence the title of this post. Apparently a guy by the name of Harold Camping has said that this Saturday the 21st of May will be the end of the world. Harold and his followers say that around 6pm or so there will be a world ending earthquake and all those who believe will leave their bodies on earth and head up to the heavens. All others will remain on earth and experience a world unlike no other and it will be horrific in nature. The very last survivors will finally be taken out by God himself on October 21, 2011. It’s pretty crazy to think but this guy claims to have studied the bible for thousands upon thousands of hours and he guarantees, although he has done this before and failed, that this Saturday will be the end.

Harold spent about $140,000 of his loot to warn the world and spread the word on this revelation. So what does the public think of all this hoopla? Well I can say for myself that I will be going to work to make some loot so that I can provide for my family. As for others, from what I have read, they are preparing Rapture parties. That’s right mofo’s, people are planning parties to celebrate this false prophecy. Some people have even gone as far as to set up After Rapture Looting Parties. They say that after the Rapture, when everyone has left, they will loot their favorite stores and find the nearest mansion to squat in. Sounds like fun to me! I would loot a place, leave with some brew and meat, and go to the nearest fire pit where I will strip naked and grill up some grub and get Lindsey Lohan drunk. LOL! Not really but it sounds fun. So if you believe this shit then start praying because it is going to be a crazy one. If you don’t believe it then go about your day and laugh at Harold when he’s proven wrong.

Source: Harold Camping, Rapture Party.


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