Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

From what I know designer drugs can be fun. They can lead you on a trip that you never imagined but sometimes you end up experiencing a bad trip. If you have ever seen Peter Fonda in “The Trip” you know what I mean. If you have experienced it yourself then there you go. One evening when I was at work I took a phone call. The caller, who I will call Floyd as in Pink, told me that his neighbor had just gone into his pole barn with a gun. His neighbor was not alone though. He was also with his wife and her lover who he had just caught having sex. Now I got all the information I needed and we had people heading out to get into position. Floyd told me that he was watching all of this from his home and that he could hear them all arguing in the pole barn.

I asked Floyd if he could hear them still and he said no. I told him to stay inside and to not go out for any reason. The officers were setting up a perimeter and I asked Floyd again if he could hear them. This time Floyd said he could and that he was right outside the pole barn. I told him to get away from there given the circumstances because I wanted him to be as safe as possible. So after a little convincing Floyd left and walked down the street. As he walked away he said he saw his neighbor walk back inside his home. He did not see the gun but thought he heard a shot and only saw a knife.

Things were starting to take a turn. It was getting weird. Floyd no longer heard them in the pole barn nor did he think that his neighbors wife and her lover were in there. During this time of confusion the officers were already set up and ready to do what they do best. As I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on I hear one of the officers in the background talking to Floyd so I hung up with him.

We had almost every officer out on this call because of the craziness that could potentially happen. We had EMS staged in the area in case of the worst possible scenario, and I was given the task of finding a phone number for the neighbor to see if he could come to the door. When something like this happens you only have a few seconds to think about what you are going to say to the person you are trying to reach whether it be the victim or the suspect.


“Hi, this is Ricardo with 911.”

“Yeah? What’s going on.”

“Well sir, there seems to be a situation and I need you to step outside to speak to one of my officers.”

“Um..ok. Is there something wrong?”

I heard an officer over the radio say that they had him in sight and to tell him to come out with his hands up.

“Sir when you step outside you need to have your hands up. It’s for the officers safety and yours as well.”

“I’m coming out but why do I…HOLY SHIT MAN! WHAT’S GOING ON!? THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!”

The phone dropped and the officers had him in custody. Now it was time for the waiting game. It had been about thirty minutes or so when the officers and ems were disregarded. After all this the neighbor didn’t do anything. The wife was not even home and there was no lover. It turns out that Floyd had some bad LSD and was on a bad trip. It was all a hallucination and nothing happened. So let this be a lesson to you folks. If you are going to trip on LSD, make sure it’s good LSD or don’t do it at all to begin with. It will save you some embarrassment, money, and possibly going to jail for having drugs on you. You might just pull a “Floyd”.


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