You had to go to McDonald’s didn’t you?

Ah high school, the good ole days. I had the greatest time back then. Sometimes I wish I could go back but if I did I wouldn’t be able to drink a cold one with friends or go and do whatever I wanted. Actually that’s not completely true. I was able to do that back then as well but I had to hide it. I had my own car, a job, and I was kicking ass at school. Things were great but school started to get boring and I was only a freshman. I had a lot of my high school years left but I was itching to get out and be somewhat of a rebel. The opportunity came one day and I took it. I was going to skip school for the first time and it was perfect. I went with a group which included my cousins, Steve, Amanda, Mary Beth, and my girlfriend Meredith. We had planned on leaving just before lunch time so that we could drop off Mary Beth’s car at her home and then we would take Steve’s Avenger to Holland to see his girlfriend, eat, and return to school without anyone ever knowing we were gone. What could go wrong?

The time had come and we took off. The feeling was liberating and being bad felt superb! We dropped Mary Beth’s car off at her home and we were off. We listened to music at max volume and let the bass flow from Steve’s sound system. We laughed and joked about what we had done and we were the shit. Everything was going according to plan and we made our way to Holland High. We parked on the side of the school and waited for Steve’s girlfriend to come out. While waiting we listened to music and chilled. As we enjoyed our time the school’s Resource Officer walked up and asked what we were doing and what school we were from. So being the good kids that we were we told him the truth. We said we were from Saugatuck High School, but actually from Fennville, and gave our names. The Officer said he was going to make a phone call and for us to wait. As he rounded the corner we hauled ass. It was great but it was the beginning of our downfall.

It was time to find a place to eat lunch and head back to school. We had hit a speed bump with the officer but got away free and clear. We had come up to a four way stop and I remember telling Steve to slow down and he went right through it. Thank god there were no cars coming because we would have been done for. The good time was getting a little weird with the second speed bump in our adventure. We brushed it off and suggested Burger King for lunch but stubborn ass Steve wanted to go to McDonald’s. He was driving so we had no choice. We went to the McDonald’s on S. Washington in Holland, got our food, and sat down to eat. Despite the minor setbacks we were still kings and queens.

The line at the drive thru was getting long and we were getting ready to leave. We basked in our triumph and I glanced to the right. My smile disappeared and I went numb. What I saw almost made me pee my pants. In the drive-thru sat my mother and father. They were laughing and smiling and my father looked to the left and his smile disappeared and he squealed out of the line. I was screwed! I panicked and told everyone that my parents saw us and Mary Beth immediately told me to run and hide in the bathroom. I told her that there was no point since we had been already spotted and in came my mom. We told her that we had come up for lunch but she was pissed! She said that she was going to tell their parents and she took me away. It was a slow walk to the car where my father sat. I swear I could hear someone yelling, “Deadman walking” and they took me back to school.  I sat there as my parents tore me a new asshole.

We got to the school and I apologized for what I had done. I walked up to the front doors and I noticed a second shadow next to me. I looked to the right and there was my dad. I asked what he was doing and I remember him saying, “I’m making sure your ass stays in school”. We walked in and he stopped as I passed the principals office.

“Where are you going?”

“Um…I’m going back to class dad.”

“No, get your ass back here.”

We went into the office and my father asked for Mr. Rummer. We were told to walk in and the door slammed behind me. I began to sweat and I was sure I was going to punish my pants with a frightened log.

“How can I help you Mr. Martinez?”

“Tell him what you did Rich.”

“Um…my parents caught me skipping. I’m sorry Mr. Rummer.”

“Oh, your a good kid Rich. I appreciate you telling me, just don’t do it again.”

“That’s all,” my dad asked.

“Uh…well…who was all with you Rich?”

I was put on the spot and I had to give up who was with me. In the end the principal gave all of us six hours of detention. If we had only gone to F’ing Burger King we might have made out like bandits but we were caught. I lost my Camaro for a month or so and it sucked. I could say that I learned my lesson but I would be lying. Let’s just say I was never caught again. It was good times and if I had to do it again I would do it in a heartbeat but our asses would go to F’ing BK!


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