Had it been the end…

If you didn’t know, the world was supposed to end this past Saturday. Although no one believed it to begin with I bet some of you were thinking about what you might do if in fact the world did end. I know I thought about what I might do or say. So what would you have done? Stop reading and sit a minute. Think about everything you might have wanted to do, if you were able to, in those last moments.

Had it been the end and there were only a few moments left, I would pray with my family. I would tell them that I loved them very much and then I would have packed them into our car and drove about ten minutes south of where I live. In those final moments I would drive to see my son Richie. If I had one shot I’d go and speak to him. I’d introduce my wife as well as his younger brother and myself.

There would be chaos all around us and I know that his family would want him for themselves. Who could blame them, I know I would want the same but in this scenario I would be a fool not to go and say something to him. He’s eleven years old and since the last time I saw him I have practiced over and over what I would say to him. Had it been the end and we were face to face for at least one moment, I know that my over practiced speech would not work. No amount of practice would help in that situation whether it is the end of the world or not.

I honestly don’t know what I would say. I can only imagine that I would be vomiting words of nonsense and my emotions would be in overdrive. As I type this it is hard to imagine what it would be like. I get nervous just thinking about it. If I had that chance I would take it. I’m a stranger to my eldest son and in those last moments I would blurt out who I was and that I wanted to see him. I would take the chance at sharing a hug before the world ended and I would hope and pray that the blood ran deep enough that he would feel it. That he would know I was who I said I was.

Had Saturday been our last day on Earth, this is what I would have done. I would have taken my family to meet Richie. Although you don’t know me Mijo, I love you. Until that day my son…


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