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A father's tale, may the cloth be with you.Hello fellow Jabber Loggers! If you have read my previous post, “A prelude to the saga” then you know how much of a fool I was during the birth of my son Logan and that my wife is expecting. I also mentioned that the post was simply a prelude to something more. A new adventure has presented itself and I am on board to take it head on. The adventure has been titled, “Diaper Wars: A Father’s Tale; May the cloth be with you”. Now I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by “cloth” rather than “force” so here goes. A few days ago I was approached with an interesting idea for Jabber Log. A friend of mine, whom I attended school with, owns a business called Ecobuns. This is a family owned business dedicated to natural parenting products. One of the main items involves cloth diapers. I have never dealt with this nor have I desired to try it but after learning more about it I’m game! The idea here is to document the experience and get a father’s perspective on cloth diapers. Now I know it may sound odd or even boring but think about this; I have only used name brand diapers like Huggies and I hate changing them. The thought of cleaning baby poo is not a good one so using cloth diapers is going to be challenging and I will no doubt be gagging but that’s where the fun comes in.

In no way will this segment be odd or boring. The humor will come out with every attempt to change my daughters diaper. It’s going to be an excellent experience and with the help of Ecobuns I am going to kick ass! After the idea was presented, my wife Rebecca and I went to meet up with my friend Candis at her store. As we approached the entrance I noticed she was outside speaking to someone. She glanced a few times but continued talking. When we reached her she glanced again and finally recognized me. It had been a long time since we had seen each other and my wife and I were introduced to her husband and two of her daughters. Once we went inside I was nervous. I started to sweat and wondered if I could do this. I listened as Candis explained the many benefits of cloth diapers and the options we could take. My blood pressure had gone from Stage 2 Hypertension to normal in minutes. I was impressed at how Candis presented herself and how dedicated she was to the product and I was at ease.

Fuzzibunz, Bummis, and Thirsties are the brands of product we decided to go with and as Candis spoke to other customers my head was spinning. I couldn’t help but think about what I might do wrong and how funny it would be to document my experience. I was day dreaming and laughing to myself. I probably looked like a tool at that moment and as I continued looking like a tool Rebecca decided to test me. There was a changing table in the store with a baby doll for demonstration. Rebecca suggested that I attempt to put the diaper on the baby. Now it’s a good thing that Candis was helping another customer because I was somewhat embarrassed and baffled as to how she kept the diaper on during her demonstration. There was a clip that she used but I couldn’t figure out how the hell she was keeping it on. I suppose I could have asked but like any other dumb ass male I was going to stay quiet and find out the hard way.

After a few awkward chuckles and attempts to attach the clip I finally got it. Rebecca gave it a once over and I was thrilled that I got it on even though it had been years since I changed a diaper. My confidence went from “Yay” to “Nay” when Rebecca pointed out that I forgot to tuck in some important parts of the diaper. “Crap!”, I thought. Next time, I will do better but I would need to get it together soon because Lola was on her way and would be here before I knew it. My experience so far has been excellent and I can’t wait to get started. My adventures will be documented and if you are ever in Holland, MI you need to stop in and visit Candis at Ecobuns or browse the store online. I am thrilled and excited to start this new chapter in my life and you, the readers, will be here with me as I experience the Diaper Wars. May the cloth be with you friends.


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