OMG! This is a girl not a boy!

As you can tell from my picture I’m in a state of shock. This morning while helping my wife clean the carpets I realized something; we’re having a girl not a boy! I don’t know what to do with a baby girl! I have two sons and changing them and what not was easy. I believe this was easy because we’re the same gender but this is completely different so I’m a little tripped out. So let’s see here; I have never used cloth diapers and I will be changing my daughter as much as possible to become an expert of sorts. Hmm…are there any down falls here? I think not since I don’t have to worry about being sprayed in the face by wild random pee streams, but are there any other things I need to know? I know I sound like I have no clue and you know what? You’re right, I really have no clue when it comes to little girls but I know I’m going to kick ass and when she arrives she will have me wrapped around her finger.

Lola Mae Martinez should arrive around September 1st of 2011. It’s going to go by pretty fast and we have a lot to do still. One thing we can check off is the diaper situation. We are not going to go about using Huggies or Pampers. We are going all out cloth style with help from Ecobuns. So with that down we can move onto blankets that my wife Rebecca wants to make and the preparation of changing Lola’s first diaper. I must admit that I am nervous and I’m sure you will get my point when I mention what I asked my wife this morning.

“Hey babe?”


I was obviously nervous and I stuttered out, “Ca, Can I ask a question?”

Rebecca chuckled and told me to go ahead. Logan had been in the room as well so I had to whisper it out.

“Umm…so it hit me that we’re really having a girl and I was wondering; am I going to get shot in the face with pee?”

She laughed and told me no and I felt slightly dumb because I know damn well that there is nothing there to point and shoot but as I previously stated, I have never changed a little girl before. Laugh if you will but I have no shame and I am able to laugh at myself for being a dork. With that said, I wonder what it will be like to play with my daughter. I can see myself sitting at the table with her as she pours imaginary tea into my cup and I will probably be wearing a fancy hat and my name will be Petunia Pickle Bottom (yes, like the diaper bag).

The playing and what not is somewhat far away so right now I have to focus on the cloth diapers, cloth wipes, natural products, and covers. I didn’t think I was going to get into picking covers until we were at Ecobuns. As Rebecca spoke to Candis I was looking at different covers and patterns and I was hooked. Even when Rebecca and I went to Joann Fabrics to get material for Lola’s blanket I was throwing in some graphic design input with the colors and such. It might sound dorky but I’m all about it. Now to wait for her birth and continue my preparation for her arrival. I’m happy that I have friends and family around me who can school me with this new adventure. I’m taking a dive folks. A dive into the world of cloth diapers and having a daughter. Lord help me and may I accomplish the obvious and remember to attach the clip to the diaper.


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      SNIIFF back and can you tell me how you have dealt with your daughters? Did you actually change their diapers or did you leave it up to your wife?

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