You made today beautiful…

Happy Birthday Abuela. It’s been a few years since you passed but it seems like it was just yesterday that you and I were heckling each other. I remember how you would be in the kitchen making tortilla’s for us and I would walk in and snatch one out of the bowl. You would laugh and tell me that you saw me and I would poke the side of your waist only to have you raise the rolling pin at me and say in Spanish,

“You better watch out because I will get you.”

I miss that, I miss you. I remember that your birthday was huge and we would all get together to celebrate. We would all pile up in the van or the wagon and head over to Tia Mary and Tio Steve’s house. The entire family as well as good friends of the family would show up to celebrate. You were and still are very special to us. I remember the men of the family would each take their turn grilling while the women chilled with the kids or prepared side dishes inside. All of us kids would be running around like fools and you would be under the shade smiling and watching over us. We would play volleyball until the wee hours of the morning and I just remember you laughing and enjoying yourself so much. I miss all of this and especially you. What I miss the most are your jokes and of course the heckling. Your sense of humor was refreshing and I think it helped in molding mine. I think one of your biggest jokes was the fact that you said you only knew Spanish. I remember going grocery shopping and you walking off to the deli to get lunch meat. You would eventually find us and you would have a pound or so of salami and Colby cheese. I wonder how you always got it with no problem? You once let your joke slip when you offered Becky some Mango. She remembers trying a piece and you asking in English,

“Did you like it?”

She answered you and did a double take only to witness you chuckle at her and put your finger up saying, “Shhh”

I think you knew a little more then you lead on, but that’s what I love about you Abuela. As I sit here thinking about you I am trying to fight back my tears. My glasses are wet from the ones that got away but I have to remind myself that you are in a better place and besides; it’s your birthday. This should be a happy time so I am going to man up and smile. By the way, yesterday it was completely gloomy outside and I wondered if it was going to be nice today so that Logan could walk in the parade. It turned out to be beautiful outside and we were able to watch Logan in the parade. I think you may have had something to do with this. You made today beautiful Abuela. Happy Birthday once again and I miss and love you very much!


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