A father in need of help

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and hello to all the moms of the world. I am writing to see if I can get some help. I need some advice as I take on this new adventure. If you are new to Jabber Log and the segment of Diaper Wars then let me bring you up to speed. I have two boys and a little girl on the way. My wife and I have always used diapers like Huggies and Pampers but this time we are going green. We are diving into the world of cloth. My wife Rebecca has always been pretty green but not me. To be honest I have never thought about using cloth diapers but now I’m all about it. With the help of EcoBuns and hopefully all of you, I think I can come out on top. I’m sure I will end up with a lot of poo on me and other things but isn’t that one of the things that makes the adventure of parenthood great? Maybe not the poo or even vomit but parenthood in general is superb!

As you can see here I have a picture of a cloth diaper by bum genius. I chose this image because like any typical male I need things spelled out for me. Draw me a diagram and I’m all over it. Otherwise the male brain vanishes like a fart in the wind. Anyway, everything is drawn out on this image but it doesn’t match the advice of every mom out there who has used them. I want to know your opinions on the general idea of cloth diapers and I want to read your experiences with them. In order for me to learn I need some help from you. I don’t know a lot of fathers who have used cloth diapers so any help from the moms out there would be appreciated. If you don’t believe that I need some help on this just check out the other posts under the category, “May The Cloth Be With You”. You’ll get the picture pretty quick.

So! Reply to my post, share your thoughts, your experiences, and help a father out. I am already getting help from both my wife and the excellent people at EcoBuns but I would like some feedback from you the readers. Happy commenting and may the cloth be with you.


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  1. Cloth is amazing! I have tried out so many different kinds of diapers its crazy. Here is a big tip. Don’t buy 24 diapers that are all exactly the same. Why? Because if you end up hating them you are stuck with 24 crappy diapers…no pun intended. Try a variety out and see what works best for you. My personal favorites are:
    Covers: Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
    Fitteds: Start Baby Designs
    Prefolds: Bummis or OsoCozy
    Pocket Diaper: Bumgenius 4.0 SNAPS or GoGreen Pocket Diapers -Champ- in Moo Print :), and the discontinued Pocket Tot by TotsBots
    AIO Diaper: Bummis Easy Fit and then Bumgenius Elemental
    AI2 Diaper: Best Bottoms (a recent discovery and they are GREAT!)

    For newborns I really preferred Prefolds and covers, for when they start to get moving more and crawling I liked the pockets and AIO/2 becse they were quicker and easier to put on.

    In the summer shorts are rarely worn…fluffy bottoms are to cute to cover up!

    Check out my blog at http://www.clothdiaperaddiction.com

    Also, Ecobuns got me hooked on CD’ing as well! Im in Holland too!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Do not buy 24 of the same diapers. Check! That is a very good tip because I definitely don’t want crappy diapers in that sense. My wife and I had been looking at Bummis and especially Prefolds for our newborn. Thank you very much for the response and I will be checking out your blog for more information. As for being hooked…I’m right there with you and I’m excited but nervous. Thanks again!

      1. bummis have never let me down. haha the EasyFits as cute and great!

  2. Leanan says:

    I have actually found I’m rather fond of Econobums prefolds and wraps. The wraps need to be replaced soon, I think but I think that’s just because we’ve stretched them too much and I wash and dry them in the dryer instead of hanging the wraps to dry. Honestly I’ve tried BumGenius type diapers and I don’t really like them. I find myself going back to the prefolds and preferring those. If you do try out the prefolds, get a snappi. Snappis are AWE. SOME. You can get a set of six econobums prefolds with 3 wraps for $50 if I’m not mistaken. The only downside I’ve noticed is that the prefolds are fraying along the edges, but so far they’ve held together well and I’ve had them~ 9 – 10 months. I probably don’t treat them as carefully as I should, too, so your mileage may vary. I will say this: don’t be afraid of the solid poops when they come… I’ve found they actually seem to roll off pretty well, particularly if my little one’s peed, too.

    1. Ricardo says:

      9 – 10 months??? Wow! I dig the fact that they last long and when my wife and I went to EcoBuns we checked out BumGenius and they were all right but we are probably going to try out Bummis, Thirsties, and Grovia. The Prefolds are definitely on our list and the Snappi works well but my first crack at it was a “FAIL”. There is a baby doll at EcoBuns for demonstration and my wife thought I should try it since it has been so long and it’s cloth rather than a regular diaper so I went for it. I was doing awesome until I was thwarted by the mighty Snappi. Thanks for the tips and I will try not to be afraid of the solids. I’m sure they will make for good reading later on.

      1. Leanan says:

        My husband does well with the prefolds. I think he prefers them as well. Have you watched any videos on it? It helped me. I bought my diapers from Ecobuns, real friendly folks there. We do a sort of modified angel fold. Also what helps is if you can get a changing table where the baby faces you instead of lies perpendicular to you. I think if you google for ‘corner baby changing table’ you should find a decent one you can get at target. The shelves are just basically that thick cardboard stuff, but it works. We use a regular changing pad and just keep the table pulled away from the wall a few inches. Our pad has become somewhat permanently deformed with the back part bent up at the sides but it works well and we’ve used it (the pad and table) on both of our kids and it has survived 3 major moves and 2 minor moves (minor are from one room to another). This is from a local service but should maybe help some with the folding: http://www.dydeebaby.com/Learn-How-To-Change-A-Diaper.html

        1. Ricardo says:

          Hello Leanan and welcome back! My wife and I are also thinking of using the Prefolds and as I mentioned to you before, I tried them out at EcoBuns and I like them but I had a slight mishap with the Snappi. I was laughing the whole time yet embarrassed in a way. I think when I did it I twisted the Prefold in front and then brought it up to connect it all the way before adding the tricky (for me) Snappi. I will be checking out the site you provided me with and maybe I will even post a video of me attempting some folds later on. It will probably make for a humorous view. As of right now I am not sure what we will be doing in reference to a changing table but the tips you provided are great! Thanks again!

  3. Maria says:

    Too much info, too little time. LOL I’ve used well over 50 types of diapers, and Bumgenius 4.0s are still my favorites (Bumgenius 3.0s were my first.) Most aplix pocket diapers are the second I grab for! What else do you want to know?

    1. Ricardo says:

      Exactly! Tons of info and when I heard everything the first time my head was spinning with Snappi’s, Bummis, and I was listening but so much was going in that some leaked out. Maybe I should have worn a Prefold on my head to keep the information in. I have read and spoke to people that say the dryer is not always your best friend when it comes to cloth diapers. Is it in my best interest to bust out a line and dry outside? What’s the best solution for drying during a cold winter season in Michigan?

      1. Prefolds and inserts are always good to go in the dryer. Anything with elastic or velcro (covers and shells) you will want to hang to dry otherwise it shortens the lifespan of them. The elastic will eventually become brittle and break…imagine a rubberband that has dried out and cracks…that can happen to elastic in the diapers if you dry them on high heat all the time. I will be honest and say that I do throw my elastic items in the dryer every now and again because of time but if I don’t have to wait for them to dry. Get a clothesline, or drying rack. I also have a line inside for when the weather is not good enough for hanging outside. Velcro can also start to curl from being in the dryer.

        1. Ricardo says:

          Hello, Kristina. I have noted, “Anything with elastic or velcro (covers and shells) you will want to hang to dry otherwise it shortens the lifespan of them.” Thank you for that. There seems to be tons of information in reference to the care of cloth diapers. It’s a lot to take in at once and seems like a lot of work but my wife and I are ready to go all in. I will be checking out some drying racks and clotheslines for the future. My daughter will be born around September 1st so it might be getting cold by then to have them outside. But I am in Michigan and the weather is always off so maybe I will get one sooner than later to be on the safe side. Thank you very much for the helpful tips Kristina. They help more than you know.

  4. Jody says:

    I totally understand where you are at right now. I am a mama that strives to live as green as I can. I am married to a man that couldn’t care less 🙂 BUT is slowly being converted. On the cloth diaper front it was agreed with the birth of our 3rd child that I would cloth diaper. He was okay with it, but vowed that he would never change a diaper.

    Over the course of 10 months this has progressed to an agreement that he will take whatever cloth diaper is on the baby off and put it in the diaper pail… BUT only as long as there is a Pocket Diaper already stuffed and ready to snap on the baby.

    It is an arrangement that works for us. He will change pocket diapers, I take care off all of the poop-knocking and washing, and we both celebrate the fact that this is the first baby that has NEVER had a diaper rash!!

    So my suggestion, make sure you have some pocket diapers for dad, grandma, the Church nursery, and wherever else you go…


    1. Ricardo says:

      Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind. Pocket diapers. Check! I am looking forward to experiencing diapers and our baby with no diaper rash. I hated seeing my babies with even the slightest indication of a rash. As for the poop-knocking (excellent word usage!) I am a little nervous but I think it will be funny and add to this adventure. The first few are going to be hilarious and probably messy but how will I ever learn, right? Thanks again for the info and the luck.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I had responded to a post Candis put on FB about your dilemma and gave some pointers there. But I still have more, so I thought I’d continue here! 🙂

    I don’t know if Candis is still offering this, but when we started CDing a year ago (our son was 2 months old when we started), we did a diaper trial through Ecobuns. It was $25 and you received a bunch of different diapers and got to use them for 2 weeks. It was a great idea, especially since all the initial information we heard “leaked out” of our heads too! After doing the trial, we chose Bumgenius as our one and only diaper. We’re still using them and they’re holding up just fine! There was just too much “ick” factor in reaching in the other diapers and pulling out a wet liner for me. For the most part, I absolutely LOVE these diapers. We wash and dry with machines, and it does just fine. A tip if you dry them in the dryer- dry them through on one cycle, then take the liner part, flip it over the back of the diaper (so it’s like one big loop), and dry again for about 30 minutes. We found that was the only way to get them fully dry. The only thing I don’t love is that sometimes poop leaks out the side, but that was more when our son was still really little (like 3 months) and his poop was looser. Leaks of any sort haven’t been a problem since he started solids.

    My husband just started reading your blog and posts over my shoulder and offered to talk to you directly about our experience with cloth. If you’re interested, let me know and I can email you his number. He’s a good one to talk to because he is the primary caretaker of the diapers in our house. 🙂

    I think it’s great that you guys are joining the cloth diaper revolution. Best of luck to you and your wife!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thank you very much for your response. I will have to check with Candis about the diaper trial you speak of. It sounds like a very good idea and it will get our feet wet, so to speak, in CD’ing. When we were at EcoBuns the Bumgenius brand didn’t exactly catch our eye but we have never used them either. I think it will take using a variety to make a good judgment on which brand to use or a combination for that matter. I expect the poo leaks to be about the same as with regular diapers and the “ick” factor will still be there with the gagging and I’m sure I will be laughing throughout the whole thing. Thank you again for the tips and in reference to your husband I will probably get a hold of him through you sooner or later. As for right now I want to give it a go and then come back with questions so I will be in need some more help soon. 8)

  6. Marina says:

    Definitely look into line drying your diapers if you can. Sunlight is the BEST stain remover for your diapers. During bad weather I have dried my diapers inside… virtually anywhere. Spread out on the dining table, hanging over the backs of chairs, covering every inch of baby gate I could find.
    With most diapers it’s not necessary to hang dry, but it extends their life span.
    Most of the time I air-dry them and then throw the pockets, AIO’s, fitteds and inserts in the dryer on low just to fluff up a bit.
    BTW, not only your dryer can be tricky when it comes to cloth diapering… HE washers can be a real pain in the behind, too! So if you have an old fashioned top loader consider yourself lucky. If not, you might have to experiment a bit to find what works for you.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hello Marina and thanks for the response. I have heard that HE washers do not mesh well with cloth diapers. Luckily for us we do have a top loader. Also anything that can extend the lifespan of the diapers we purchase is a plus. I’m really excited about saving money in general. I mean, I know it will be an investment either way and might be expensive at first but if my wife and I can save money in the long run I’m all about it! Alright so to add to my list of tips, “sunlight is the best stain remover”. Got it, check! I’m thinking there will be cloth diapers all over the place drying once winter comes. 8) Whatever the result I know this is going to be fun. Thanks again Marina!

  7. Jennifer G says:

    Hi there! So happy you are diving into the world of cloth. My first tip: Buy a diaper spray. Best $50 you will ever spend not to have to touch poo. 🙂 Without the sprayer, I honestly think, especially for my hubby, our cloth diaper journey would have been short lived. The diaper sprayer is the ultimate favorite at our house. Plus, my hubby liked there was something “mechanical”–a “tool” persay of cloth diapering. Haha. Also, buy 2 large wet bags. This way, while one is in the wash you can be using the other one. 1 wet bag would not make it at our house–let’s just say while they keep the odor in, when you open it up it might about knock you over (espeically now that our son is a year old and is eating “people” food. Enough said.) We did, unlike other commmenters, buy all of the same diaper, but we had read up, and researched and still love it to this day. We use the Fuzzibuns one size diapers with snaps. We started using them on him at 3 weeks (we skipped the super poopy weeks just for first-time parenting fear!) and still use them today. Washing tips: Rinse, wash, rinse always makes my diapers clean! We have no diapers with stains after a whole year—but keep in mind we also use the sprayer after every poo. This helps keep the stink down too. We use liquid Allen’s and love it. So easy to use. Finally, we dry the inserts in the dryer and line dry the covers (on a rack in our basement) it keeps the lining nice white without getting pilly. Last and final tip–if you are going to do it–go all in! Do the cloth wipes too. We were shy about these at first, but honestly it is more of a pain to throw out a used ‘sposie wipe when you are dealing with a cloth diaper than to just shove it in the wet bag with the diaper when you are done. Plus, no smelly trash. I really hope I’ve helped. Our experience has been wonderful. Ecobuns has been there for us through it all! Best wishes!!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you for all the tips and my wife and I are on track to go all in. If I’m going to do this I have to go all in. I want the experience for all the benefits of CD’ing. If I go halfway then what will I learn, you know? “Buy a diaper sprayer”, noted and check. Just one more helpful tip to add and to be honest, when Candis of EcoBuns showed my wife and I the sprayer the Man/child in me was looking forward to using it. It sounds odd but I know it will be fun and I won’t have to touch any of the poo. Score one for the sprayer and myself…well maybe the first time will be a disaster but I will get the hang of it. 8) We do plan on using cloth wipes as well and my wife Rebecca has already made several herself so we are looking forward to it. We are also looking into a second wet bag. After reading your comment it made us think and you make an excellent point. Stay tuned; I’m sure this is going to get interesting once our daughter is born. Thank you again for the tips and help on this.

  8. Jessica W. says:

    My husband was initially not a fan of the idea of cloth diapering, but now almost 1 year later he is the primary on diaper duty and he would never go back. We cloth diaper and cloth wipe and we love the one size fuzzibuns, the drybees fitted diapers and the Bummies pre-folds. I like having a variety of diapers and have found that as our child grows we go through stages where we have prefered each diaper over the others. Our little guy has HUGE thighs and pees a ton, I mean it… We have three and he probably pees as much in one day as the other two did combined. We had some challenges finding a nighttime diaper for this kid, but we combine 1-2 hemp or superdo inserts with the bummies and he makes it through the night dry… finally. Good luck to you and do not be afraid to try new things if something is not working out. We love Ecobuns and they have helped us through our challenging spots with cloth. You’re awesome for cloth diapering.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hi Jessica and how’s it going? I am happy to see your response and that your husband is doing so well with cloth diapers. It definitely gives me hope that I will make it out clean in the end…Err, well not exactly clean but let’s just say that I will make it through this. 8) I’m also stoked that you mentioned the nighttime diapers. I spoke briefly to Candis of EcoBuns about it and as I mentioned in a previous post it was a lot of information to take in at once. It was excellent information and EcoBuns is my primary source but I just need to do more research so that it can stay locked up in my memory. In the beginning I seriously thought that disposable diapers were the way to go because of how easy it was but after getting my info from Candis and doing a little research here and there, I have found that they are not the best choice after all. It’s going to be a little expensive but if it cuts down on the diaper rashes then I am all for trying something new. Bring it on! Can you tell me about any experiences you have had when taking your baby out with you. Let’s say while grocery shopping or on a family outing? Should my wife and I bring more of one item than the other? Let me know what you have done during your journey down the path of cloth. Thanks again for the response and I look forward to hearing from you.

      1. Jess W says:

        Hmmmm…. Outings. We have def. Found that we prefer the fuzzibuns or the bummies when we are out or when in the car for long periods of time. The drybees are great but he tends to wet through those if he is in the car for a long time. We have found that home we love the huge wetbags but it is nice to have two med. sized ones for when we are out. As for the diaper liners, lots of people love them we thought they were more trouble than they were worth but if it works… I say go for it. You may find you love them. I think the big thing is to be brave and willing to try things out. Babies are so different so not everything works for everyone. I think it is awesome that you are so willing to try this out and to go to the online community for advice. Awesome!

        1. Ricardo says:

          Hey Jess! Thanks for the honesty on the liners. My wife and I are thinking we are going to try them out to see how they go and like you said, if it works then go for it. Hopefully they work out but if not I am sure that there will be plenty of more options to go with. We are definitely looking forward to trying out the Fuzzibunz and Bummis on our daughter. Thanks for the kudos on reaching out to the online community for advice. I think the best way to get good information is by asking those who have dealt with it personally and nothing beats first hand knowledge, you know? I’m sure our outings are going to be very interesting and I will blogging about it all the way. Thanks again for the info and I am looking forward to the rest of my adventure in CD’ing.

  9. I got my wooden drying rack at Meijer for 9.99!

  10. Marina says:

    For being out and about with the little one I like flushable diaper liners. This way you can easily dispose of the poop, and it cuts down on the mess in your wetbag.
    Also, I like AIO diapers for outings. They are not quite as bulky, so they take up less room in my diaper bag. And they are super convenient to put on . Big plus in a public restroom 😉
    Another option could be a hybrid type of diaper with flushable inserts. First one that comes to mind would be Grovia. I have never used them, but a lot of people like them when they are out of the house for a while. Especially on vacation or day long car rides to grandma’s house.

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hey there, thanks for the info! Grovia is something my wife and I were looking at too. We were told about the liners for when we go places and they sound excellent. Also, anything that makes my life easier when using a public restroom allows me to let out a sigh of relief. The last time I changed a diaper in a public restroom it was a disaster. I will save you the messy details but it was not fun. My son laughed through the situation though. 8) Thanks again, I am digging all the helpful information.

  11. Sheri says:

    Hi there, We are expecting our first child in July and are going all in on the cloth too. My husband is a bit “fearful” of diapers in general but when I lost my full time job this past winter he started comming around more. * side note* if may be fun at some point if you two dads could get together to share stories, etc at some point! I agree with the cloth wipes if you are doing cloth diapers. One thing that we have done (mind you baby is not here yet so it may change) But we put eye bolts on the wall and strung up clothes line and use clothespins to hang up cloth wipes, diaper covers (wool) among other things. It makes cute decor and very accessable. We figure as baby gets older (out of diapers) all those art projects can go up on the line instead of the fridge.
    Oh one other thing you can look into or think about is wool dryer balls, it helps to dry quicker in the dryer and also cut down on static as you will not, repeat,not want to be using dryer sheets or fabric softner at all – build up on cloth.

  12. Sheri says:

    Another thing we (ecobuns and I) discovered is that the Bootyful baby boutique inserts (I believe the mediums) they will snap right into the Bamboozle diapers – we thought this may be a good try for nighttime diaper. I’ll have to let you know when we get to that point. You can use them as a “doubler” later on in other pocket diapers. I also am going to try that insert with my newborn wraps for when baby is first born as an alternative to a prefold all the time, again we will see how it works. Like others have said, don’t be afraid to try different things

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hi Sheri! Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay. Between family, work, school, and side projects I have been rather busy. So, next tip to add to the list is, “wool dryer balls, it helps to dry quicker in the dryer and also cut down on static as you will not, repeat,not want to be using dryer sheets or fabric softner at all – build up on cloth.” Thank you! This is very good to know because if for some reason I am in a hurry, I know that with doing this it will cut down on my drying time. Sounds like a win win to me. Tips like this makes me happy that I was in contact with EcoBuns because they gave such great information and gave me the motivation/inspiration to take my journey online.

      It’s good to see that so many people are open to trying new things with their children and offering such good advice. As for your husband I know how he feels and where he is coming from. I have two boys with one on the way and she will be here around September 1st. Normally I wouldn’t be so nervous but I have never experienced having a little girl or changing or anything like that so I’m nervous but exicted. I’m thinking that it is going to be an excellent journey with her and down the path of using cloth diapers. It will take some getting used to but it’ll be good either way. If your husband wants to share stories have him shoot me an email at rm2visions@gmail.com. Also I will be at EcoBuns this coming Saturday for their Grand Opening and stay tuned for an announcement later today with some important information on a giveaway. Thanks again!

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