And the winner is…

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for your participation. Today was the Grand Opening of EcoBuns and Jabber Log was there to witness such an excellent turn out. The friendly staff of EcoBuns answered every question and greeted every guest with a smile. This is definitely the place to be for all your cloth needs and natural products. Make sure to visit the ever popular EcoBuns at their store 12330 James st. Suite B30 Holland, MI in the Outlet Mall or their web site here.

And now for the moment you have been waiting for. The giveaway brought to you in part by EcoBuns and Jabber Log began this past Monday. The giveaway involved three steps in order to be eligible for the giveaway of a package that included a BumGenius All in one organic, matching pair of baby legs and a Bummis Swimmi dipe. The names were mixed up and given numbers at random. Afterward they were given to our guru random.org and a winner was chosen. The winner of this most excellent giveaway is Christy Vande Waa! Congratulations and thank you all for participating and making this giveaway and Grand Opening a success. Please stay locked to Jabber Log for Diaper Wars: A Father’s Tale; May the cloth be with you where this father will document his many adventures within the world of cloth diapers. Thanks again and for Christy, please contact Candis of EcoBuns within two weeks at candis@ecobuns.com.


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