Rollercoaster of Urban Legend

While typing the post on Teddy Ruxpin and the Christmas Carol I remembered another urban legend. The following story has got to be on my top three list of legends. The picture for this post is an album cover from the Ohio Players. The only thing I can recall from them is Love Rollercoaster. It’s catchy, it remains locked in your brain and the Red Hot Chili Peppers did a cover of it. What creeps me out in the original is that during a section of song there is something odd in the background. It sounds like some sort of distortion. The screech is loud and seems out of place but if you listen closely something else is revealed.

Legend has it that the woman pictured here was badly disfigured from the photo shoot for this cover. The young woman had knelt down on what was supposed to be glass. It turned out that she was kneeling on fiberglass and once the honey spread throughout her body and onto her legs there was a chemical reaction which bonded it to her skin. When she was finally able to get up it tore her skin off and ruined her modeling career. Later on the young woman barged into a recording session and threatened the bands manager with a lawsuit.

In a rage the manager stabs the young woman to death and her horrifying scream is caught on the recording. It is said that not only did the members of the band admit to the incident but the scream was left in as a sick tribute. The video below contains the audio and listen close for it. There are more stories within the video alone but I wanted to highlight this story because whenever I hear it I can make out the scream of the young woman. It gives me chills every time.


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