Soundtrack to my life: Episode II

The beautiful ladies pictured in this post are the basis for Episode II of the Soundtrack to my life. I believe it was the summer of 2002 when I purchased tickets for my entire family to go see Kittie at The House of Blues in Orlando, FL. We were pumped and even my mom went to see the show. She had never been to a concert in her life and this was going to be her first one. Kittie was headlining and before them was Nonpoint, Chimera, and El Nino. The show was about to start and my mom and sisters stayed up at the tables while my brother and I went down to the floor to enjoy the music with the rest of the gnarly mofo’s. We walked onto the floor and everyone was screaming and yelling for the show to start. It feels like it was yesterday that we were there. People were drinking and having a good time and I noticed one girl in particular that was in the middle of the main floor amongst a group of guys. She was cute, petite, and holding a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. She seemed like she was in a zone, not drunk, just in a zone. I told my brother to watch for her because she would probably be the one kicking everyone’s ass on the floor.

Nonpoint kicked off the show and the girl I saw in the middle of the floor broke from her zone. Sure enough, she was the one to look out for. She was thrashing like you wouldn’t believe and was destroying some bigger guys to the point that she had to move her way into another group just to keep her momentum going. It was priceless and when she came towards us I did what needed to be done…I got my ass out of the way because she was hurting people. Call me what you want but I was moving to the back a little. We were having the greatest time and we were beating people down around us.

We had survived through the sounds of Nonpoint and the craziness of Chimera and El Nino. We were ready for Kittie to come on and the natives were restless. When the curtain opened they slammed us with their killer sound and the crowd exploded. Elbows were thrown, punches were received and it was all good. It may sound crazy but if you have never been in a mosh pit then you have not fully lived. This is where you can beat the hell out of one another and it be ok. It’s a fight club of sorts where everyone is there for one purpose and the rules are understood. We had taken several shots to the body from people and we were definitely leaving with some battle wounds. The show had been amazing but one song would complete our adventure in mosh land. Kittie stepped off for a moment and returned for an encore. The beginning of “Brackish” started and my heart jumped into my throat. If you have not heard this song you really need to. My brother and I looked at each other and yelled obscenities that only we could hear. We were pushed into the middle of the pit and Kittie was in full swing. We fought through the crowd during their final song and one man took an elbow to the eye from the gnarly girl that had been taking everyone out. Security pulled him from the crowd and the man yelled,

“Greatest show ever man! I’m F’n bleeding but it’s worth it!”

The night was grand and Kittie rocked it like no other. My brother and I left with plenty of battle wounds and we could barely hear but it was superb! Thank you Kittie for contributing to the Soundtrack of my life. I will never forget that night.


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