Babies come out of where?

As my boy gets older he seems to have a lot more questions for his mom and I. He understands almost all of our answers and explanations and is too smart for his own good. His sense of humor mirrors mine and he cracks me up with some of the stuff he says. His curiosity runs wild and his questions throw me off every now and then. He’s seven and speaks and thinks older than he is. It’s funny how kids grow so fast and how their thought process works, especially if they are under the impression of something and find out that they were wrong and the truth can be shocking yet hilarious.

A week or so ago I was doing some homework and my wife turns her laptop around to show me her pregnancy progress chart from a web site that she visits. It shows how many weeks she has left and images of what the baby looks like inside her. She checks it every Thursday and today she officially has 9 weeks left. So while she was showing me the image of the baby inside her our son leaves the dinner table and takes a glance at the picture.

“Is that the you mom?”

“Well, it’s not actually me but that is what the baby looks like inside me.”

“So…that’s supposed to be your stomach right?”


I could tell he was slightly confused yet very curious. You could actually see the wheels turning until the next question popped into his head.

“So where does the baby come out of?”

I froze. My eyes popped out and my wife looked over at me with a large question mark over her head. I shrugged my shoulders and told her to go ahead.

“Well, babies sometimes come from their moms stomach but girls actually have a special area where they come out of.”

He was confused and it was written all over his face. I figured he would simply walk away but he didn’t.

“Ok…so…where do they come out then?”

My wife took a deep breath and said, “From their private area”.

My boys reaction was priceless. His confusion turned to shock and he blurted out,


My wife and I busted out laughing and I was crying from his response. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. All I could picture was a split hotdog after having it in the microwave for a long time. I looked up to see an angry yet confused look on my sons face.

“I don’t know what’s funny or why you’re laughing,” my son replied.

We tried to stop laughing the best we could and my wife told him that girls have different body parts. He almost seemed relieved and then,

“So what is it called?”

I jumped at the chance to speak and responded with, “Um…you’ll find out when you’re older buddy. Also, you probably shouldn’t talk about this with your friends or other adults. Some people might frown upon it.”

He was visibly annoyed with my response and walked off.

“So I guess you’re not going to tell me right? I have to wait until later? Ok…” He walked back to the dinner table and started eating again.

“You know, this is some good pizza.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his entire reaction and response. He mentioned his pizza like it was more important than what we were talking about and that it didn’t matter if he knew what it was called or not. Kids are so funny and their thought process is amazing! So how do you handle it? Have any of you experienced something similar to this? Leaves comments and stories if you can because stuff like this is funny and we as parents all learn from experience. I feel we handled it pretty well but as he gets older the questions and understanding will be more complex. Lord help us!


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  1. Jim M says:

    I remeber being home one night watching a show about childbirth, I was probably only 4 or 5 at the time. I had asked my mom what those parts were that they were talking about in the show. “Ask your dad when he gets home” A while later I got to pop the question, “Daddy, what’s a va…”? Yep, got the private part answer and he promised to tell me more when I was older. Come to think of it, he never did finish that explanation…

    1. Ricardo says:

      Ha! That’s awesome! I don’t ever remember my father having “the” conversation with me. I think he was simply waiting for fifth grade so that they could show us the sex vids that were made in the mid 70’s. lol!

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