It’s the final countdown.

My wife is just about 3 weeks away from giving birth to our daughter and I am freaking out. We pretty much have everything ready except for a few purchases at EcoBuns so we’re good there but I can’t help thinking how this is going to go down. Our sons birth went rather smooth but everyone says that boys are easier anyway. I know they’re referring more to raising them but is it the same when giving birth? Are there other things I should be looking for? I’m sure I sound clueless but it’s only because there is a seven year gap between our children and once the time comes for little Lola Mae to arrive, it will all come back to me. I won’t have a choice in the matter really. It will all come rushing back and I will probably be running to get a nurse from the station rather than pulling the damn cord that’s right next to me.

I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to meet my little girl. Soon enough the Diaper Wars Saga will begin and the stories are probably going to be outrageous. I can already see myself trying to spray poo off the cloth diaper and it splooshing all over me. God help me that my mouth is closed at the time. I don’t need to be puking in a toilet full of baby poo. Man, there is so much to think about…for now though I will think about the actual birth and where I’m going to sleep afterward. I know, it’s not all about me and no it’s not but I’m hoping that Zeeland Hospital has something for me because South Haven didn’t. I remember Rebecca and Logan crashing out and I sat in the most uncomfortable recliner. The damn thing didn’t even recline and so, I fell asleep sitting up. I was then awaken by horrifying screams. My head was hung over to the left and I had the worst pain in my neck. I wish I would have had one of those donuts that you place around a child’s neck for support. It would have definitely prevented my neck pain. As I sat in horror listening to the screams and rubbing my neck I felt someone watching me. I turned around to see our Mid-wife and she had an exhausted manic look on her face.

“Are you ok Ricardo?”

“Yeah…my neck hurts and the screaming woke me up. Are you ok?”

“Oh yeah, a lot of mothers came in after you two and it’s a little crowded now.”

She left the room and it was hard for me to go back to sleep with all the screaming but at least my wife woke up and we both had the pleasure of listening to a lady cuss out her husband in Spanish as she was more than likely dealing with a very bad contraction. I’m hoping for some funny stuff like that with this birth. In the end I know it’s going to be an excellent experience. There will be a new addition to our family and I will be wrapped around her little finger. I can’t wait!


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  1. jrantz1 says:

    You’re going to be fine 🙂

    But thanks for getting the song in my head……. It’s the final countdown.. do do do do Do do do do do… hahaha

  2. How funny! You are supposed to swoosh all the poo into the toilet like rinsing out a dish cloth in the sink, not spray it of with a sprayer silly. Then you do not ahve to worry about “blow by”! LOL Very exciting, cant’ wait to meet Lola Mae!!!

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