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Making memories is huge for me. I love taking pictures of my family whenever I get the chance. It can probably get annoying since my phone is attached to my hip and I’m constantly pulling it out but I want to catch moments to reflect on. Even when I don’t have the camera out I like to do things that are special. They can be the smallest things but those are the one we remember most right? I have been thinking a lot about my family and the time I have spent with my son. There are a lot of things he has picked up from watching me and we have laughed about everything. Soon enough my baby Lola will be born and we will make new memories with her. What’s made me think about all this more than usual has been two specific Country songs. Now, I will admit that I am not a huge Country fan by any means but the songs I have heard are making me think about my kids. The first song is by Rodney Atkins and it’s called, “Watching You”. It was introduced to me by a co-worker and right away it hit home. The song talks about the time spent between father and son and how the son has been watching what he does. He uses a four letter word and his father asks him where he learned to talk like that. The chorus and reply from the son begins with, “I’ve been watching you.” I had to laugh when I first heard it because it reminds me of my son and I.

I remember when he was around four years old and he would play on the deck while I grilled. My son would tell me that the deck was our ship and that we were sailing the seas in search for treasure. I was given the title of cook, and first matey, as he pronounced it and we got to fight off mean pirates. We even had a canon to take out the pirate ships and once we were hit and taking on water my son was always able to get the water out before it put out the fire to our grill. We still pretend to sword fight but he has now moved on to the wonders of Star Wars. I remember doing my best Yoda voice and he blew me out of the water with an impression of his own. He’s so much like me and it’s crazy how he already has my sense of humor. We crack jokes all the time and listen to a lot of music. His taste in music is all over the place but what I enjoy the most is when he busts out in air guitar and sings.

“Hey dad!”


“Check this out!” He goes into air guitar mode and acts out the intro to Working Man by Rush.

“Ok, now you do the drums and I’ll sing.”

I start out with the drums and he pulls out an air mic. Instead of the intro he goes straight for the chorus, his favorite.

“I guess that’s why they call me! They call me the working man! I guess that’s what I am…”

We both stand there like rock gods and play until we see fit. I love every moment of it and our zany and quirky moments tie together with the second country song that has me thinking. It’s called, “Just Fishin'” by Trace Adkins. The song is about a father and daughter who have gone on a fishing trip. While on this trip the daughter is telling her father about her dolls, and ballerina shoes while getting her fishing pole ready. “She thinks we’re just fishing” is what comes next in the song and it’s the father saying that while she thinks they’re just fishing, they are also making memories. This is what I have done with my family and it will continue on until it’s my time many years from now. Whether we’re playing video games, watching cartoons, pretending we’re Jedi’s or pretending we’re pirates in search of treasure, I will do it as much as I can. We only have so much time with our kids before they’re all grown up and off on there own. Don’t let time pass you by. Take as many pictures and record as many video’s as you can. I know I try but sometimes it’s not enough. I am consumed with my work and I need to learn to put it aside and just live. When my daughter is born I’m sure the pretending will go from Jedi’s and Pirates to tea parties and dolls. I’m ready to continue the adventure. I’m ready to create memories, as much as I can…

(Below are the video’s I mentioned. Enjoy them!)



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