Pre-electronic addiction – The small things in life.

Before my complete addiction to electronics there were the small things in life. Smartphones had not exploded in popularity and the Internet was most likely a working idea. The only real addiction I had at the time were with video games but that was nothing compared to our need to stay connected these days. Back then I remember having my needs met with a simple Big Stuf Oreo cookie. I don’t see them around much anymore but when they first came out they were awesome! The package consisted of one large Oreo and it was definitely enough for one large glass of milk. It’s funny how something as little as a cookie can bring such joy. Other things that I remember include Clearly Canadian drinks, The Bud Bowl, Air Jordans, Reebok Pumps, and Crystal Pepsi.

I remember going to the local grocery store and begging for a bottle of Strawberry Clearly Canadian. My parents would always tell me that I didn’t need it but once and a while they would give in and I jumped at the chance to have some Canadian goodness. Thinking back on it I can still taste that cool refreshing strawberry flavor. Although Clearly Canadian was my drink back then it died out with the introduction of Snapple. Strawberry-Kiwi was the next big thing for me and I had to make a choice. Next on my list of small things are Air Jordans and Reebok Pumps. Now, I had a pair of each but unlike some people I had to wait to get them at Christmas time. I remember feeling like a king with my Jordans on. They were flashy, cool, and they were not all that comfortable but I still had them so I wasn’t going to moan about it. As for the Reebok’s they were cool because, well, they had a pump built into the tongue of the shoe and shaped like a basketball. It sounds stupid but they were the stuff back then. Both pairs cost about $120 or more for each but if you had them you were showered with, “Oooo’s, and Ahhhh’s.”

The last two are mentioned for their odd yet funny aspects. The Bud Bowl played back when I was growing up and it was during the commercial breaks of the Super Bowl. I remember watching the bottles of Bud Light and Budweiser playing football and thinking, “Won’t they break if they tackle each other?” Bottle are glass so it was a valid question. Back then I didn’t know what it was all about though. I remember seeing my dad drink but I wasn’t fully aware of what beer was. I just knew that I couldn’t drink it until I was older…well…at 16 years old was older because curiosity got the best of me and it wasn’t any of the participants of The Bud Bowl either. Nope, it was the team that would have never made it to the bowl. It was Old Milwaukee. Yeah…not a good one to fulfill my curiosity but either way, I remember The Bud Bowl and wish they would bring it back. Last but not least is Crystal Pepsi. This can still be purchased on eBay and maybe Amazon but it’s not sold in stores. I don’t know if this was supposed to be Pepsi’s answer to Sprite but it blew. I remember it was very sweet and it seemed like they were trying to market carbonated syrup. It looked cool but that’s all it did. In the end, the product was pulled and the consumers were left with a bad after taste.

These are just a few of the small things that I remember before my addiction to electronics. I am no longer glued to the television like I was back then. The products of old are either discontinued or they are a lot more expensive now. It’s all family and my addiction to electronics. What products from your youth do you remember? Which ones do you wish would make a come back?




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  1. I think we all have those simple pleasures that don’t require much money or extravagance. It’s great to reflect on them. For me, it’s an ice cold root beer, preferably the ones that come in glass bottles–and luckily those are still easy to find nowadays than an Oreo big stuff!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Yes! Ice cold Root Beer from a bottle is the best! I don’t know what it is but A&W in a can has nothing on the others I’ve had from a bottle. It’s rare that I eat Oreo’s anymore. The Big Stuf Oreo’s were awesome but they’re just a thing of the past now. I must have eaten my fair share of them back then to not dig them all that much now. Oh well, I will always have my memories to reflect on. Thanks for commenting!

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