1 week and counting…

Time has gone by very fast. My wife has 1 week left and although she’s ready to go, Lola is not. She’s positioned in the right place but she’s chilling for the moment. I see this as a good sign that my little girl will listen to me later on in life since I have been telling her to wait until the 29th so that my family medical leave will kick in. I’m sure this is not the case but it’s nice to think that she’s listening to her daddy already. I have two more shifts and then I’m off for two weeks. It’s going to be nice to have some time with my family so that we can bond with our little girl. We now have everything for Lola and we’re ready to go. We recently went to EcoBuns to get the last part of our cloth diapers and as usual the experience was great. We have some excellent looking covers for the diapers and she’s going to be styling in all her clothing.

Yes…I know. I’m getting excited over the color combinations and designs of my daughters wardrobe and such but that’s what having a little girl is all about right? I wasn’t sure I was going to be all into shopping for our little girl but I’m probably going to be as bad as my wife with the shopping. Oh well, I’m going to have lots of fun with it and I can’t wait. I’m going to be learning a lot of new things including combing and putting my daughters hair in pigtails and ponytails and everything else. I’m thinking I’m going to suck at it the first few times. Hopefully I don’t pull her hair out in the process. I know this is all far from now when her hair is long enough but I’m always looking ahead. A new adventure awaits my family and I and Lola is coming fast. Soon enough you will get to see pictures of our little girl and believe me, I’m not going to hold back from showing her off. Just one more week baby girl. Until that day…

(The video below is from our recent purchase at Ecobuns. We have a lot of stuff but this is from our favorite store.)


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  1. Tammy says:

    You’re going to be great Ricardo! You already are…no worries! Enjoy your time with your family and if possibly maybe you’ll stop in and bring your family so I can get an up close look at your little girl! [hint, hint]

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