The Boogeymen of my childhood.

The other day I was talking to my family about horror flicks and how I dig them so much. We were talking about some of the characters in the movies and the first character that came up was Pennywise the Clown. Do you know who this is? I’m sure you noticed the scary looking clown on the post and if you don’t know who this is, you need to rent the movie “IT” by Stephen King. We talked about how creepy he looks and that Tim Curry who played him did such a good job in simply being scary. I for one do not like clowns. Even when I was younger they gave me a bad feeling and what made it worse was the fact that my mom collected clowns. So here I am with a slight fear of clowns and my mom has a large cabinet full of them on display watching my every move. Years later my Tio Fernando decided to rent “IT” from Mr. Music’s, which was our local video store. I had never seen this movie and he kept saying,

“It’s a good one Richie. It has clowns…”

Sure he didn’t know that I really didn’t like clowns but I sat through the entire movie either way. I dug it then and I still do but it confirmed my reason for disliking clowns. I mean, what better way to strike fear into someone than by making a scary clown that mutilates kids? I know it tripped me out and I’m sure there are more people out there that were tripped out by good ole Pennywise. The next Boogeyman was Freddy Krueger. The Nightmare on Elm Street series is one of my favorite. Freddy was always scary when I was growing up. The guys face is completely burnt and he had a glove with razor sharp knives. What creeped me out the most back then was hearing him scratch everything in the broiler room. It gave me the chills and actually the girls singing that song was just as bad. Now days I simply dig the story but back then, it really got to me.

The last Boogeyman that came up was Jason from the Friday the 13th series. This is another one of my favorites and he was scary because he was beast. Plain and simple, he was a beast! People would run away from this guy and he would simply walk through the forrest and catch up to them and slash them up. What was weird to me about every movie was that it seemed as though everyone who died were in the process of having sex. Am I wrong here? It almost seemed as though the death scenes were used as an abstinence ad. The message was that if you decided to have sex before you were married you would be greeted by a man of Jason’s stature and you would be slashed and bludgeoned to death. It sounds stupid but go back and watch some of the flicks and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

All in all the characters had some good back story to them and with the addition of good special effects and gory scenes it made for good viewing. Out of all three of the boogeymen mentioned here I dislike Pennywise the most. If I could fight him I would acquire the size of Jason with the glove of Freddy and go to town on Pennywise! I know he’s just a character but if he were real I’d take him out. So now it’s your turn. Who were the Boogeymen of your childhood?

(Yes, I know that Jason was not the killer in the first movie but I didn’t want to post a death scene.)


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  1. Roger says:

    Candy man was one of mine…he was just plain ol’ creppy

  2. brainrants says:

    I never thought any of those were creepy, but dolls creep me out.

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