Oh how fast it goes…

It’s only been about 11 days since my daughter was born. Although it’s been a short time I can already see the changes in her. She seems to have grown a bit and she’s making all kinds of funny faces. She’s a complete snuggle bug and I love it! My older children were the same way but it feels special because she’s daddy’s girl. Every day has been fun and she’s starting to get used to sleeping by herself and chilling by herself while she’s awake. Her eyes have not changed completely but if they happen to stay as blue as they are now I’m in for a lot of trouble once the RiffRaff comes around. I don’t think I have too much to worry about though. She already seems to have that, “take no crap” attitude. She’s so young yet she does so much that makes me laugh. One thing I noticed, after my wife pointed it out of course, was that she has my eyebrow lift. A better example would be the eyebrow lift that The Rock is known for. I can do both, my son Logan can do it, and Lola is already busting it out. I guess I can say this is our thing since my wife is unable to do it.

When Lola cries she sounds like a baby lamb. I try not to laugh because she mostly cries when her diaper is being changed. She seems to despise it for some reason. I can only imagine that it’s because she is cold and possibly uncomfortable to begin with but since she cries out like a little lamb. I of course, have started calling her this. I’m sure I will be able to call her this for years to come until about middle school when everything her old man does embarrasses her.  So much has happened and there is a lot more to come. With all this goodness comes a little bit of the messiness. How is it possible that someone so little can create such destruction? I mean, she eats a lot but wow! One night my wife had passed her to me because I wanted to cradle her and when I got her she let it go.

“Oops! Guess dads going to change that one huh?”

I think they had this planned out. I can’t prove it just yet but I’m sure they trapped me. Whatever the case though, I have been doing pretty good with the cloth diaper changes. The Snappi is no longer my enemy but sometimes I forget to tuck in the diaper in the back. Luckily I have not experienced any blowouts. I have also been amazed at how there has been no redness like they way my 7 year old used to get when he was in disposables. We cleaned him on a regular basis and he was never in a wet, soiled diaper for a long time but he managed to still get some redness. I can only assume that it had to do with whatever is used to scent the diaper but who am I to judge. All I know is that I have had a better experience with cloth diapers than anything else. All in all everything is going great! I have yet to use our sprayer but I’m sure that when the time comes, it will make for a funny story. Cheers!


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  1. She’s adorable!
    Glad that you’re coping with the cloth diapers … I always hated the disposables so I have strong memories of boiling cloth ones each day and putting them on the washing line no matter what the weather to let the ultra violet light do its job! I remember binging in frozen stiff boards in the middle of winter on many occasions!!

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