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Hello all, I have decided to delete my “Random Jabs” page and add “RMII Visions” (RM2V) in its place. I’m sure you have seen the headline above my Twitter feed that states, “Jabber Log is a branch of RMII Visions” but I don’t believe I have ever explained what it is. So without further ado, RMII Visions is the parent company (of sorts) name that Jabber Log falls under. I use the RM2V name when I design. I have tried to keep them some what separate but since I have had a lot of people view my blog, I have decided to use this as a way to get my design name out there to the public.

I have always been into art, music, and anything that involves electronics. In 1995 I was introduced to the Internet by way of AOL. I remember all the commercials that showed the wonders of being able to communicate with people around the world through chatrooms and email. It was something new and when it hit I think I was one of the first people in the small town of Fennville to have the Internet. A friend of mine and I were chatting with different people for hours. I remember people typing “LOL” over and over and I had no idea what it was. There was also “A/S/L” and that one was a little more obvious because people would respond with “18/f/FL” or something like that. It was very interesting to able to communicate like that around that time and it seems somewhat ancient now. I mean, we still chat with people online but the majority of people have smartphones and texting and video conferencing is bigger than simply chatting in a chatroom. AOL was my intro to the Internet and different web sites. We have come a long way since then and it’s great because back then I had to dial a Grand Rapids number which was long distance and our first phone bill after AOL hit the scene was about $400. You can imagine how much trouble I got into for that.

As time went on I got even more into it and Netscape Communicator was a browser that included an editor for the creation of web sites. It was rather simple and I was hooked. I was so hooked that my English teacher Mr. Klosner took notice and asked if I would help him in his very first web design class. It was pretty fun and I even got to work along side him during the summer to teach all of my teachers from elementary school. Since then I have been addicted to web & graphic design. As of now I currently have an Associates Degree in Web Development and I am working on a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. After I graduate in March ’12, I will be jumping into a Master’s with a concentration in New Media Journalism. I have added a gallery with some of my design work from different classes and I am currently working on revamping the sites I have designed in the past. It’s time to stop holding back and get out there and design my heart out. I specialize in logos, banners, business cards, flyers, advertising, websites, etc. If you are in need of a good hard worker, don’t hesitate to contact me at rm2visions@gmail.com.


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  1. Rich
    If your trying to get your RMII name out you should check out these sites. (if you haven’t heard of them..)
    I’m sure there is a lot more but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head

  2. Ricardo says:

    I had to laugh when I saw your name. Thanks bro! I will definitely check out the links.

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