Comics to Canvas – A look at Pop Art

On today’s edition of The Creative Corner, Jabber Log features a very talented artist. Comics to Canvas is the creation of Crystal Martinez, an artist who paints from her heart and soul. She currently holds a B.A. in Psychology and is working towards her Master’s and Ph.D. Crystal has always loved art and has been drawing and painting since her days in elementary school. It has continued into adulthood, however, her passion wasn’t realized until her second semester of college. In her own words she states,

“I didn’t discover my true love of Pop Art until my second semester of community college. I had painted a Master Copy of Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl in my painting I class and from that moment on I knew that Pop Art would become my style of choice.”

Since then she has painted numerous pieces involving pop culture in her own version of Pop Art. She has won numerous awards for her work and one was even purchased by her school as a feature in their private collection. From then on her work was also featured on posters and t-shirts when she won a contest for an annual Mardi Gras celebration in Lake Wales, Florida. Her work revolves mostly around comic book images and characters but in no way takes credit for the original creation. Other inspiration comes from movies, cultural icons, and every day life. She focuses on closeups in her work. It’s the emotion and expression of a person or character that drives her artistic vision. In her own words she states,

“My version of Pop Art focuses on taking those popular images and centering on faces and expressions and painting them with bold black lines and adding beautiful bright colors.”

Crystal has twenty plus works of art under her belt. This does not include those that she has sold off. She is now working on a web site to showcase her work and talent. As of right now she is working on new works of art and taking requests. The price ranges from $200-$300 depending on the canvas size and the amount of paint needed to complete the project. Typically the canvas’s are 16X20 and those are usually $200. Do not miss the opportunity to own a great work of art by up and coming Pop Artist Crystal Martinez. Her passion can be seen in every work of art. You can reach her by email at californiablue17@aol.com Below is a look at her work.


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