Diaper Wars: The Cloth Strikes Back

For the past two weeks my wife and I have been running a trial with disposables over cloth diapers. I have enjoyed the convenience of them but they have been rather messy. I posted a few weeks back that my problem with cloth diapers was that my daughter kept wetting through them. The disposables on the other hand kept her dry but they allowed for messy blowouts. Well, after our trial with disposables, feedback from readers, and the excellent customer service at EcoBuns, we are back on track with cloth. The disposables kept the wetness in, however, the blowouts were crazy. Here’s a mental picture for you. My wife would be holding our daughter for a while and of course I wanted a turn. She would be wide awake and smiling. I would make faces at her and play. You know, father and daughter enjoying their time together. Then her stomach begins to rumble and bubble. This is followed up with a complete red face and an explosion of her diaper. At times it was bad enough that my hand would move from the explosion. As you can see it was pretty bad and the disposable did nothing to combat the dreaded blowout.

After numerous blowouts our trial was done. The entire point was to compare both diapers and see where the pros and cons were. At the time it seemed that they both had at least one con in reference to pee vs. poo. After weighing our options it was decided that poo is better dealt with when cloth is used and blowouts cease to be. In all honesty I would rather deal with a wet diaper then a chili like blowout. So we decided to look at different folding techniques and possibly using pocket cloth diapers like some readers suggested. Last week I came home from work and I picked up Lola to give her a big hug. She was all smiles and my wife told me that she probably needed to be changed. I noticed that she had a cover on and somewhat freaked because last I knew, the Snappi was missing in action. I figured I could just wrapped her up tight without needing the Snappi but I also assumed it was mandatory to keep everything in. Either way I laid her down to change her and when I pulled down the cover I noticed it was different. I didn’t see the pre-fold and I froze. For a moment I thought it was a GroVia diaper where I could pull out the insert so I went for it. As Lola smiled at me I pulled on the section of the diaper that was completely soaked with no give. Yeah…I was wrong…way wrong. This part did not come off and it turned out to be a Fuzzibunz pocket diaper so all I had to do was wrap it up and toss it in the wet bag.



“How do I work this thing?”

I could hear my wife laugh as she made her way to the room to assist me. I was stumped after soaking my hand and I felt stupid because I was wrong on the type of cloth diaper and confused. After she explained it to me we had a good laugh and I finished changing Lola. I’m not sure I like the FuzziBunz pocket diaper but as of right now I am digging the Thirsties covers combined with a thicker pre-fold.  My wife and I also went to EcoBuns the other day to see if we could find a better technique for folding our pre-folds. As usual our visit was superb and if you haven’t had the opportunity to make contact with Candis and the rest of the EcoBuns team, you’re missing out. There is always a friendly greeting when walking in and they are very knowledgable and passionate about cloth diapers and the rest of their products. We left with a new folding technique that I have dubbed, “3 Folds and a Snappi”. It consists of three folds up front and in for better wetness protection and it’s topped off with a Snappi. So far it has worked in our favor and Lola has not leaked or blown out at all. Thank you to EcoBuns and the readers of the cloth that responded to my previous posts. Although I did not have a chance to respond I did read the comments and they were much appreciated. So here it is! The cloth strikes back and winning out once again against the disposable diaper of blowouts. Armed with a new folding technique I’m ready to continue my journey with cloth diapers.


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  1. easytoentertain says:

    Can you be my husbands best friend?

    It is so refreshing when the daddies are as interested in what goes on their babies bum as the mommies! Thank you for a well thought out post!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Hey there! Thanks for the response! CDing has been very interesting. Prior to using cloth my only experience dealt with disposables. I dig the convenience of it all but it just doesn’t work out. There are too many cons and I’m digging cloth diapers. I have more stories on the way concerning the Diaper Wars but I have so many stories that I’m trying to play catch up. My wife and I are trying to branch out from pre-folds so we’re looking at other cloth styles. What do you use?

  2. Tammy M. says:

    We are on our 2nd brand of cloth diapers after major leakage with the Fuzzibunz pocket diapers, combined with a horrible rash which doesn’t seem to really be going away no matter what type of diaper she is in. I really need to find some new covers….the leak proof kind would be great! I’m tired of changing outfits every time I change her diaper (hers almost always, occasionally mine).

    1. Ricardo says:

      That’s my wife and I were at in the beginning. We were having to change our daughters outfit a few times a day because she was leaking out of them but now we are equipped with a different way to fold up the pre-folds and it seems that it has worked. There have been no leaks and no rashes. We have been enjoying Thirsties covers but my wife and I are looking for other cloth styles for a better variety in general.

  3. andrea says:

    Way to go! I wish mu husband was as into cding as I am. He has it easy, we use poockets no folding required.
    If you are looking for some pocket diapers to try, I like blueberry/ swaddlebees. I also just got a rump-a-rooz and applecheeks because I have been hearing good things about both.
    Good luck!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun and definitely an adventure. I really dig the prefolds we have and we’ve been using a lot of Bummis and GroVia’s.

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