Communicating with an eyebrow.

This past Tuesday I experienced something amazing. I communicated with my daughter through the use of an eyebrow. Now, I can’t say for sure that what I experienced was complete communication but after I explain what happened you can generate your own conclusion. So this past Tuesday my wife went with our son on a field trip. I was a little worried because Lola, our daughter, was staying with me and my wife is her only source of food. Sure she could pump but we need a better pump before we go all out. So anyway, my wife said that our 1 month old had a routine where she sleeps in the morning around the time she would be gone so I should be good. My wife was going to be gone for a couple hours and suggested that I put a movie on and relax. I felt a little better after our conversation. Although I had a game plan I kept wondering how Lola was going to react once she woke and realized she was no longer in the arms of her mother. She had fallen asleep in her arms but handed off to me later on so I figured she was going to freak out.

Two and half hours passed before she finally woke up. Instead of freaking out something amazing happened. My little Lola looked at me and smiled as I spoke to her. She was cooing and I was laughing with her and her eyebrow went up. I stopped for a moment and noticed that I was doing the same thing. I put my eyebrow down, she smiled and then hers went down too.

“Is she copying me,”, I thought.

I put my eyebrow up again and she did it too. I put both of them up and she did the same. All this time she’s smiling and cooing. It was unbelievable and I’m sure we were communicating through our eyebrows. I mean, it could be a fluke but she’s been doing it a lot lately. She’s very animated and it amazes me. What makes this even more cool is that the whole eyebrow lifting ability is exclusive to my kids and I. My wife is unable to do it but the kids are spot on with me. I made sure to add a picture to this post of Lola that my wife took so that you could see first hand what I’m talking about. After you have glanced at her look up at my banner and you’ll see my eyebrow lift. Any resemblance? I think we look a lot alike. So what do you think? Is it possible that we were somehow communicating through the use of our eyebrows? Or was it merely a random occurrence? I’m thinking we were communicating. I mean, it wasn’t something we were trying to say to each other, we were just playing back and forth. Then again, it could be interpreted as her and I trying to outdo one another with our eyebrow lift. No matter what it was, it’s something that amazed me and the experience was awesome. Have you experienced something similar?


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  1. Yvette says:

    You were communicating w/ each other for sure! Special connection 🙂

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