Notes for the Living – A message for those left behind.

Horror movies are my genre of choice. Out of all things horror, my favorites involve Zombies. Almost anything that deals with a Zombie Apocalypse is good in my book. The leaders of my fascination have to be, “The Walking Dead” on AMC and the video game, “Left 4 Dead” on the Xbox 360. If something like this really happened, I would expect it to look how it’s portrayed on the previously mentioned show or game.

So what if it really happened? Where would you go? If you were split from your family or group what would you do? Since we were kids we were told that if we were ever lost to stay in one place. Eventually someone would find you but this never involved zombies. Would you stay in one place in hopes that your group would find you or would you leave? Your chances are rather slim if you head out by yourself but what if you’re given the task of scouting ahead for the group? Or what if you’re simply lost?

If you happen to find something of use or importance to others you’re obligated to leave some sort of message right? This obligation is what interests me the most. You’re alone and separated from your family or group, you get to a spot where you think others will head, and you leave a note for them to find. What would your note say? I think it would be very interesting to see what your responses would be. I would like for you to put yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and think about what you would do to survive. If you reached safety or what was thought to be safe, what message would you leave for other survivors?

What I want to do is document all of your notes on a new blog. You submit the message you would leave and I will post it for others to read. You can name where you live right now as a starting point or you can use any location you want. The point is to dive into your imagination and come up with notes that you would leave for others to read. Maybe someone will stumble upon your message and give an update on the current state of that specific location. You could even leave tips on how to take down a zombie. It’s up to you and it’s all about interaction and participation. The more that participate, the more interesting it will be. If this sounds confusing I will give you an example.

“It’s crazy out here babe. I made it to Holland Police Department but it’s empty. I hope you see this. I’m heading south to Saugatuck. The state police has a post there.”

In the above example, I have left a message for my loved one and anyone else who may pass through. I want to see something like this from you, the readers, of this new blog. It can be anything you want but it has to be within the scope of a Zombie Apocalypse. Let’s dig deep folks. It’s time to let your imagination and creativity flow. If you were in this horrific scenario, what would you leave behind? What would your note say?

(Make sure to click Notes for the Living for a submission of your note and email me at rm2visions@gmail.com)


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