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It’s been about a week or so since I have written anything on Jabber Log but I have been occupied with family life, school, and work. During that time I have been able to brainstorm on some new things I want to do with this blog and hopefully I can accomplish all of my goals. The first idea comes from a conversation that I had with my wife Rebecca the other day. I was talking to her about a new artist named Maddie Larkin and how hard it is for unsigned artists to receive radio play. Now I’m not sure if many radio stations have a segment where they feature new or unsigned artists and if they don’t they should. I enjoy hearing my favorites on the radio as much as everyone else but let’s hear the artists who are virtually unknown. Let’s give them a chance to be heard and become one of our favorites. I don’t want to have to wait to hear someone unknown on a reality show. I want to hear someone on a local radio station that is unsigned, hungry, and ready to break through. With all that said, I have decided to add a new segment to Jabber Log entitled “New Artist Tuesday”. The first Tuesday of each month I will highlight a new artist who is looking for some exposure. Their are many new artists out there who are trying to get noticed and break into the music business. All it takes is a little push from the people to get them out there on the radio and finally to the record executives who can make their dreams come true. That’s what I want to do with this segment. I want to help the unknown get their music out there. I realize I’m a small voice on a blog but when people come together they can make things happen.

For the first edition of New Artist Tuesday I would like to highlight Maddie Larkin. She’s an artist that I have mentioned before on Jabber Log but I thought she would be perfect for the first post of this segment. Maddie is an aspiring Country singer/song writer. She has been very busy lately with several different shows and will be heading back to Nashville where she cut her album. There she will be enjoying some co-writing sessions, meetings, and possibly the CMA’s. Although this talented singer has released a record and performed in numerous venues she has not been signed. There is no radio or television exposure and really it’s up to the artist to do what he or she can to spread the music out to the masses. Luckily in this day and age there is a way to reach the public without a major record label but having them back your music is where its at. As of right now for the many talented artists such as Maddie, social media is a way to get their music out there. It’s an excellent way to gain fans and share their story. For me, the story within the lyrics is what draws me into music the most. I like the sound of music in general but the story behind it is what drives it home.  I believe this is what fans are into and if I am correct then why not give new artists a chance to tell their story?

A good story behind the music follows Maddie Larkin before her realization and calling to music. She was previously a competitive gymnast and suffered a devastating back injury. It was during her time of recovery where she wrote lyrics that dealt with her pain. Her music comes in the form of ballads and anthems. Whether Maddie’s music is told through heartache or recovery it flourishes lyrically on her debut album, “Letters From My Cold Heart”. It’s stories such as those told by Maddie that need to be heard. As of right now you can hear the musical talents of Maddie Larkin on iTunes, Jango.com, CDBaby.com, and you can follow her on Twitter or visit her Fan page on Facebook where she recently added a Bandpage that features a look at “Give It Up”. These are the ways you can hear Maddie Larkin and when you visit her Facebook Fan page make sure to click “Like”.

In the end it’s the people that make a difference. This holds true for anything really, and what we need to do is stand up and ask for new artists to be played on the radio more than the usual mainstream favorites. As I’ve said before, I’m all about the favorites but lets hear from those who are unsigned, unknown, and even if they have had a little air time, let’s hear more. Let’s “Occupy the Airwaves” so to speak and demand new music. I think people would listen to the radio more and even purchase more music if new artists were given some sort of exposure without corporate backing. If you are a new artist who is looking for some exposure submit your information to me at rm2visions@gmail.com for a feature on “New Artist Tuesday”. I want to read about your story behind the music and help spread your talent to the public. I have been told that it’s almost impossible to get music on the airwaves without corporate backing but we can change that. Let’s try and get passed this hurdle. It’s time to get new up and coming artists on the radio, it’s time to Occupy the Airwaves.


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