Business in the front and party in the back!

October 29th 2011,

I set off to the city of Allegan where my good friend Dave Rich was celebrating his birthday. As you can see from his picture he’s all about business in the front and party in the back. Sadly, my homeboy does not sport this do but if you look at him in the right light you can still see a shadow of where it once was. His head is now shaved yet still badass. I made sure to buy a small can of “Resurrection” which is an anti-hangover drink in case a had a little much. Luckily for me I was smart and stopped a long time before I went to sleep and what not so I woke up fine but the party was off the hook. When I arrived I was greeted by two ladies.

“Hi there…uhh..whoever you are…”

“Uh, hellooo to you too.”

I had a good chuckle because these two didn’t know me but when I made my way down to the basement I might as well have been Norm walking into Cheers.


The room exploded and I was greeted with open arms. I think my buddy Ryan even kissed me on the side of head. While people were yelling my name and saying hello, guess who also turned to say my name? Yep, the two ladies who greeted me first. They realized who I was afterward but the beginning was just funny. We celebrated Dave’s birthday with laughs, drinks, food, and a UFC PPV. The night was excellent and I even got to see a few sparing matches in the Dungeon of Rich. I also saw my friend Corina from high school who I hadn’t seen in years and we all saluted the birthday boy with a shot of Fireball. If I had to change anything, I would have left the chili alone. It was very good but it triggered my acid reflux something awful and no amount of Omeprazole could fix it. All in all I had a great time and I got to spend it with an excellent group of people. Happy Birthday once again Dave. May the world treat you with the greatest of respect and may you one day decide to bring back the mullet. Cheers!


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  1. Dave Rich says:

    CHEERS my friend!!!!!

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