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Where has our child like imagination gone?

What happens to our imagination when we get older? It seems that for most of us our imagination slips from what it used to be when we were children. Sure we can still come up with some good stuff but it doesn’t match our child like imagination. Think about this; if you could have two super powers what would they be? You could have the ability to fly, invisibility, or the speed of light. Having two super powers would be awesome but when we think about what two we would want there is no quick and straight answer. As an adult we begin to think about all the pros and cons followed by going back and forth between different powers. If you were to ask your child he or she would probably get a huge smile on their face and tell you right away what they would want. Their explanation would be grand and you would be able to see the creativity and glow on their face.

Can you see it? That’s the kind of imagination I wish I had still. Listening to my son go all out with his imagination is overwhelming. And don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean “overwhelming” as in I can’t take the rambling, I mean that it’s amazing how he thinks. It’s like watching your kid experience something for the first time. The way their eyes pop open with interest and excitement. It’s what we all used to have before the world and life took over our lives. Back when we were kids we didn’t have the worries of bills, our job, expenses, and drama. Back then we were free to imagine what we wanted without weighing the pros and cons. So how do we get our imagination back? Personally I turn to music or writing. It’s this that triggers my child like imagination. It’s not full proof but it’s just enough for me to accomplish what I’m trying to do. One song that helps me explore my imagination is “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles. Now I know you’re thinking about the hints of LSD within this song but it was actually based on a drawing of a girl that went to school with John Lennon’s son Julian. His son named the drawing, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. Had it not been for the imagination of Lennon’s son the song may have never been.

One’s imagination is something grand indeed. If only there was a way to keep it completely intact. For now I’m going to continue to use different methods to trigger my imagination. My children will delight me with their creative stories and thoughts and finally I will keep asking myself this question; if I could have two super powers, what would they be? How about you? What would you pick for yourself? Think about that for a while and comment to my post. If you need to take a trip to visit the imagination you once had make sure to check out the video I have provided. Besides writing and music, this video is a good way to get the job done.

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