Thankful for so much

The experience of life is an interesting one. You can be at the top living like a king and life can slap you with a reality check and bring you down. Once you’re at the bottom you feel as though you’ll never get out. You fall further and finally you hit rock bottom. From my experience, this is where you find yourself. You figure out what you’re made of and you fight your way back to the top. It’s a long journey. Nothing is perfect and nothing is easy. We don’t have an easy button, though we wish Staples would lend us their’s for our personal use. It takes patience and hard work to live like a king again. I have experienced this and though I have mentioned this in a previous post, it deserves another mention to let people know that it’s possible to make it out of the hole.

With all this said, I am thankful for everything that has happened to me. Yesterday I was having a conversation with my 7 year old while holding my 3 month old daughter about my past. I believe it started out with the topic of factories and how I worked at one before leaving for Florida. The conversation also included time travel and though I’m being vague here, the point of our conversation was that if I had never lost my job I would have never moved to Florida and they would not exist. It took a little bit for him to understand but he got the point. When I think about it now, my life would have been completely different. So ultimately I’m thankful that the factory I worked for contributed to me hitting rock bottom. Had it not been for them laying me off I would not have moved to Florida, and I would have never met my wife or worked at Frostproof Police Department. That job started my whole career and my rise to the top. When talking about this with my son I went deaf for a moment. The thought of not having my family was gut wrenching.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you had made different choices? For me it’s crazy to think but in the end I’m thankful for everything that happened to me in my past. It got me where I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing. Life has blessed me with an excellent job, a wonderful family, and friends I can lean on when in need. I also went back to school and I currently hold an Associates with a concentration in Web Design, a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design that will wrap up in a couple months, and I will be seeking a Master’s in New Media Journalism right after that. I have also been blogging my heart out here. It’s been great doing this and I will continue to do it. It has helped me get my life experience out there, and opened some doors that will help in the future. I am thankful for a lot indeed. A big thanks goes out to my wife Rebecca, who has helped me get through moments where life has thrown a curve ball, to my kids who keep me on my toes and bring me back to my child-like imagination, my family, friends and co-workers who are the best that anyone could ever have, to my new Jabber Log writers who have contributed to fresh material, Candis of EcoBuns, Cassidy of Cassidy Rae Studio, Maddie Larkin, Jackie Green of WGRD who I have had a pleasure of working with and for the shout out that means so much to me, and everyone I have ever come in contact with. My story alone shows that with hard work you too can break out and work your way back from rock bottom. Remember to be thankful for everything that life slaps you with. Whether good or bad you have the ability to make it back. Keep fighting, keep working hard, rise up, and don’t hold back. It’ll be worth it in the end. Keep reading folks and Happy Thanksgiving. The show goes on…



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