A Hot Tottie for the Impatient

Yesterday marked about a year since I have been sick. I have not had a cold, the flu, or anything. I consider myself lucky that I don’t get sick as much as most people. Getting sick once a year is awesome and if I had to thank one thing that has helped me, besides sheer will power, is the sweet sweet nectar of the Gods known as the Hot Tottie. This is an excellent drink and does wonders when ill. About a year ago I tried this as a way to battle whatever sickness I had and it worked. In the beginning I thought it was crazy. I mean, heat up Whiskey and drink it with lemon, tea, and honey? Nah, it could never work, but I was completely wrong. Like the majority of men, I too become a weak pathetic fool when ill. After laying around and not being able to do anything, I finally decided to make a Hot Tottie. If you Google a recipe for this drink you will find several thousand recipes and almost all of them require 20 minutes worth of simmering and such. I did what I had to but in all honesty I have no patience for something like this. Although I kept my cool for this I wanted to try something else that was a lot faster.

So here I am, typing away and drinking a Hot Tottie because my ass is sick. As I stated before, yesterday was my official sick day. I felt like crap. Switching from hot to cold body temperatures accompanied by body aches. I went out to the store and bought a bottle of Whiskey for a Hot Tottie and once I drank this sweet nectar I started feeling a lot better. I know, you’re probably thinking it was the booze but with this drink you don’t get an actual buzz from it. Instead the majority of the symptoms go away and fast. It’s a day later and I feel a million times better. I definitely recommend this drink for anyone who is feeling ill and if you’re like me you will need a recipe that targets the fact that your impatient. The following recipe is a quick fix for the Hot Tottie. Stay healthy this flu and general sickness season and enjoy the wonders of the Hot Tottie.

In a normal coffee cup add –

Half cup of water

Half cup of Whiskey

Microwave for 2 minutes

When finished add 1 tea bag of Chamomile tea

2 Splashes of Lemon Juice

1 1/2 Tablespoons of Honey

And stir (Optional) Add 2 Cinnamon sticks but the Honey should be enough for a sweet taste.

There you have it! A Hot Tottie for the Impatient. Make sure to drink it while hot for best results. Happy Drinking!


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