Thursday Night Football – The horrible that is Vince Young

Our new writer Roger Dodger takes you into last nights game between the Eagles and the Seahawks.

Written last night by: Roger Dodger


It’s Thursday night, It’s cold, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier…It’s that time of the year. Thursday night football!!! Today is the Philadelphia Eagles(4-8) and the Seattle Seahawks(5-7). Both teams have not been doing very well this season and this game looks promising, but I was wrong. If you didn’t watch this game you didn’t miss much. In the 1st quarter Seahawks received the ball and it was a quick 3 and out. The first possession the Eagles Vince Young throws an interception and sets the pace for this lousy game by the Eagles. (My opinion Vince Young shouldn’t even be in the NFL, more about that later on) The best play of the game or dare I say…the best play of the year, Marshawn Lynch ran a 15 yard touchdown run braking from a pile of Eagles, spinning, pumping his massive legs to maneuver around the pile to find a huge hole to the end zone for his 7th rushing touchdown this year and giving the Seahawks to a 7-0 lead. Not much happened till the 2nd quarter where Marshawn Lynch ran for a 40 yard touchdown. Tavares Jackson did very well tonight 13/16 190 yards and a TD, Marshawn Lynch had 22 carries for 148 yards and 2 TD’s.

The big story is Vince Young and the terrible Eagles defense. Not to take away the win from the Seahawks, but if they were playing a better team they wouldn’t have a win tonight. The Eagles kept missing tackles, easy tackles, their secondaries didn’t match up with the Seahawks receivers. Bad day for the Eagles today. Vince Young went 17-29 208 yards, but with 4 interceptions. 1 in the 1st quarter, 1 in the 3rd quarter, and 2 in the 4th quarter which one was ran back for a touchdown and the last one was for the end of the game. Vince Young should not be a quarterback in the NFL! He did horrible in Tennessee with the Titans, and that’s why he’s a back up. He should be in the practice squad or in the CFL. Well the final score is Eagles 14 the Seahawks 31.

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