Fear Factor…Welcome back!

The last time we saw people eating spiders, beetles, Quail eggs, and other ungodly things was in 2006 on Fear Factor. You remember this show? Of course you do! If you’ve never heard of Fear Factor then you need to either go to IMDB.com or YouTube. The show is hosted by none other than Joe Rogan. The shows pits contestants against each other in teams or solo and they must pass 3 stunts. The contestant(s) left at the end will win $50,000. How awesome is that? I think it’s pretty cool but the stunts are crazy! The worst ones I’ve seen dealt with eating rotten Quail eggs, live spiders, and anything else deemed edible by the Fear Factor producers. The show also included stunts where people were jumping out of cars, swimming in ice cold water, and these stunts involved getting the best time to move on to the next round. Although the stunts were cool, I think the best part of the show was watching people try to eat the vile things given to them. The look of disgust and attempts to stop from blowing chunks were priceless. After almost five years the show ceased to exist but Joe Rogan continued with his stand up comedy, which is superb, and of course the UFC as a commentator.

It’s now December 12, 2011 and Fear Factor has returned with back to back episodes. I will admit that I missed the first stunt but I tuned in just in time to see Joe yell at the contestants while they tried to eat scorpions. One guy kept yelling that it was just peanut butter and as they showed a close up of him you could see a gooey brown substance around his mouth. It was great and watching their gag reflex go wild was hilarious! The final stunt of the first episode put the contestants in front of a truck while ramming into different things and grabbing as many flags as possible. They were actually strapped to the front of it and the team with the most flags at the end of the stunt would win the $50,000. It was definitely a good episode and the second episode had a stunt that would have made me puke on the spot. The second episode started with ex-couples driving a car into a tank of water and unfastening screws on a container in order to release some flags. Once this was accomplished they were to swim to the other side of the tank and clip the flags to a pole. Now I was less then impressed with this stunt until one of the contestants encountered a problem that would have most likely taken me out. While trying to swim back, one of the contestants began to struggle. She struggled enough that divers on the sidelines had to come to her rescue. After making it back she revealed that she did not know how to swim. This would have been my problem! So the stunt turned out to be cool after all but only because I could relate to it. The next stunt involved a large tank, gallons upon gallons of blood, and cow hearts. The teams had to get inside, pull out a heart with their hands and put it in their partners mouth. The partner would then reach over the tank and spit out the heart into a container next to the tank. The team with the most hearts in the container at the end would move on. The stunt was nasty and I’m sure I would have lost my lunch but for $50,000 you never know. Finally the last stunt included a helicopter, a speedboat, and lighting flares in order to set off an explosion. After doing this the teams had to swim to the other side and the one with the best time would win the loot.

The final stunt was an adrenaline junkies dream come true! The return of Fear Factor was definitely a good one and I for one am glad it’s back. I look forward to many seasons involving gross, raging stunts. As Joe Rogan has stated to the press,

“Fear Factor is way grosser than before.”

I’m ready for the gross factor of Fear Factor Joe! Bring it!

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– Past stunt


Let me know your favorite stunt from tonight and past shows!


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  1. Absolutely love this show for one reason, Joe Rogan.

  2. Riley says:

    That is exactly how it happened to the detail. I was unable to catch the premier of Fear Factor because I was on a flight, plus I forgot to set my DVR to record the show. I’m just glad I was able to pull it up on DISH Online when I got home! I have become very familiar with DISH Online as I work for DISH and I know that there are many shows available that don’t require a subscription, such as Fear Factor. I say if you haven’t seen the premier or want to view it again, watch it on DISH Online.I just hope that they don’t use too much blood in the future!

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