Diaper Wars: Beyond the Prefold

Hello and Merry early Clothmas! I realize it has been a while since I wrote on Diaper Wars but I have been occupied with a lot of things lately. Between family, work, school, and the success of Jabber Log, I have been involved with many projects. Luckily I have gathered a team of writers that have done excellent work in helping with the workload. Since the last time I wrote on Diaper Wars a lot has changed. I am still all about cloth diapers but the use of Prefolds has changed. Now, my wife and I have not strayed completely from them but we’re also using GroVia Diaper Shells and DryBees AIO’s. The DryBees contain a pocket and I know for a fact that in a previous post I noted that I did not like the pocket diapers. I wrote that I made this decision after a mishap where I pulled on the pocket and flooded my hand with urine. I obviously did not know how to work it and all I could do was laugh and ask my wife for help.

So here I am months later and I’m using DryBees. I have to say that I’m all about it now. I’ve also gotten a lot of practice with them. It’s not because my wife and I don’t take turns changing our daughters diapers, it’s because Lola seems to wait until I’m holding her to destroy a diaper. First it was hiccups and now that she no longer has what seemed like chronic hiccups, she poos instead. It’s actually pretty funny and when I go to change her she’s all smiles. This is a big jump from before and a good one at that. When Lola was first born she would scream bloody murder. I can only assume that it was because she was cold or something. I remember holding her for a moment before changing her, taking a deep breath, and setting my internal timer to see how fast I could change her. As soon as I laid her down she would cry and I would move as fast as possible to get her changed and back into my arms. Her little legs would kick and I would laugh because I would mess up and struggle with the Snappi. She definitely grew out of it and now it’s a joy but she still kicks like crazy and I laugh as she coos and smiles.

I have been very impressed with DryBees and GroVia. I’m pretty sure that my wife and I will continue using Prefolds but we’re also willing to try other types of cloth diapers. Out of the two new diapers we’re using I would have to say my favorite is GroVia. At first look they seemed somewhat intimidating with all the snaps and such but now it’s second nature. What gets me about the GroVia shells is the velcro. Whoever decided to make it that tough to peel off needs a pat on the back or a punch to the arm. I see it as a good thing so that everything stays where it should be but holy crap! Does the velcro need to be that good and tough to peel? If anything the velcro could be used for part of a chastity belt but geez! All in all things have been great and we will continue using more and more cloth diapers. I know I’ve asked this before but what are your favorite cloth diapers? Are there pros and cons to every diaper or is there one out there that you see as the perfect one? We’re exploring cloth diapers of all types so let me know and happy reading!


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