Will They or Won’t They?

By: Roger Dodger

Hey it’s Roger Dodger again, here to talk about the Detroit Lions. The title suites this piece very well because it’s a simple question, but not a simple answer. Will the Detroit Lions make the playoffs this year? Now I’ve been a Lions fan since the ’90’s and I have seen it all and still to this day stuck with the Lions even after they brake my heart year after year. This year….man, this year was different. Even before the season started every Lions fan had the same feeling. The Lions were going to kill it this year. For the first 5 games, they did. The Lions had 2 big comeback wins and looked unstoppable at 5-0. Then…well…arrrggg….they are doing it again! They aren’t playing like they did in the start of the season. The old Lions are showing their ugly faces at the end of this year, and they are playing like the 0-16 Lions. The Lions are not showing up to play. And the penalties….don’t get me started!!!! With the injuries to Javid Best, Nick Farley, Kevin Smith, and with Ndamukong Suh getting suspended for 2 games due to a foot stomp to a Green Bay Packer’s player on Thanksgiving day the Lions have really lost their way. And coach Schwartz has lost his team.

So, will the Lions make it to the playoffs? No, the Lions have a lot of growing up to do and I don’t see them doing that in the next 3 games. The Lions will give it the ol’ college try, but will fail in the end. And it’s OK, it’s Matthew Stafford’s 3 season (1st full season) and he will be an amazing QB in the future. And he will be the one to take them to the NFC Championship, hell even the Super Bowl! Yeah, I said it the SUPER BOWL!!!!! With the Lions front office, coach Schwarz, and their amazing players the Lions will be the team to beat. So all you Lions fans young and old, new or have been a fan for awhile don’t give up on the Lions just yet. They will make all of us proud!!!!

There you go, it was a short one this time. And don’t forget to watch the Lions take on the Raiders this Sunday at 4 o’clock.

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