The mobility of Grand Theft Auto 3

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! Today we’re going to look at a revolutionary game that catapulted the Playstation 2 (PS2) to new heights. When the system came out it seemed like the company could not keep up with the demand. The games were excellent, addicting, and if you had one you were at the top of the food chain. Personally I felt that after the explosion of the PS2 the games became stale but one game hit the streets and my mind was made up. The PS2 was going to go down in history with the release of Grand Theft Auto 3. The versions before it dealt with drugs, money, and crime in general but Rockstar Games pushed everything to the limit with this installment of the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto 3’s Liberty City was brought to life with a three dimensional environment, crazy characters, multiple story lines, and fluid controls. Within this game nothing was taboo. I mean nothing! Your character is a street thug who takes part in a robbery but gets shot by his girlfriend and is left to be arrested by the police. Afterward your character is being taken to prison with a couple others and the vehicle is stopped by gun wielding thugs who are there to break out their boss. Your character and a friend take off in a vehicle and you begin doing jobs in order to make your way up the chain of command within a local Mob type group.  Jobs include drug running, committing hits on rivals, money laundering, and many others.

In order to succeed in finishing the jobs of Liberty City, one needs to have an arsenal like no other. This games gives the player just that, an arsenal. You begin with hand to hand combat but your weapons grow as the jobs become tougher. The weapons range from a baseball bat, pistol, machine gun, AK-47, grenades, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, chainsaw, and many other weapons. One can do whatever they want and it seems crazy but within this game it can be done. If you happen to become bored with the jobs of Liberty City you can roam the streets on foot or by vehicle and explore. Every vehicle in Liberty City is available for your character to drive off with. You can also drive an ambulance, police cruiser, fire truck, helicopter, a singe engine Cessna, a bus, and even a tank.

The game seems unbelievable but it’s real and Rockstar Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary. What makes this anniversary so historical is that they have successfully ported a version of Grand Theft Auto 3 to the iPhone and Android powered phones. I downloaded it today and the game is just as smooth on my iPhone 4 as it was on the PS2. In all honesty I was thinking the game was going to blow on my phone but I was completely wrong! The graphics have been increased a bit and the controls work great. If you happen to have an EVO or any other Android phone with a large screen the game will be that much more smooth. I have experienced no lag time and I’m impressed with the mobile version of this game. I do understand that this game sounds like a complete desensitized version of life but it is only a game. This is not a game your children should play so if they bring it up you should tell them NO. The game is for mature audiences only. Although the game contains the crazy that our world is made of, there are police within the game that your character cannot escape. Well…let me rephrase that. Your character can escape the police, however, not for long. There is a wanted system within the game and the higher you go the more police come out to take you out. I believe if you get to the highest wanted level there are FBI agents and Army personal who come out. When that happens you have no where to go. Congrats to Rockstar Games on their 10th anniversary. Go to the iTunes App Store or Android Market to download this class now! Happy reading folks and game responsibly.

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