Emotional Advertising and the Idea of Chipping

The key to successful advertising is a swift tug on the emotional strings of the consumer.  – Me

Advertising is everywhere. No matter where you look it’s there. If you look around right now you’ll see something you bought. Once you spot the item you may remember the advertisement that persuaded you to buy it in the first place. Advertising is genius in the sense that its able to fulfill our needs. It’s also able to satisfy our wants, and tug at our emotional strings. If confronted with the right topic I believe that advertising could make us do almost anything. What do you think? Is this true? You might not think so but what if you were hit with some stealth emotional advertising?

If you are confused by the idea of emotional advertising or not aware of it’s meaning, I can give an example. Emotional Advertising is where a company uses their product within a dramatic scenario in hopes that it will hit an emotional chord within you, the consumer, and in turn, relate to it and ultimately buy into it. This type of advertising is very effective. Why do you think commercials for injured animals or starving children are made with harsh images and sad music? It’s done this way to tug at your strings and possibly make you donate some money to help them out. Now don’t take me for a jerk, I think they do need to be helped out but if you saw the same commercial with kids playing and happy or animals doing the same thing would you want to donate money? I don’t think so. You would see them as living a good life because they are happy and there would be no need to donate.

There is a lot more that emotional advertising can do and fast food restaurants and annoying commercials use it. Different colors also play a big role and fast food restaurants use red and yellow on their signs to lure you in. I have learned that those colors make people feel alert and in a rush so you choose those first over everything else. Can you think of a few fast food joints that include these colors? Maybe McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s…hmm…maybe? These fast food joints aren’t leading the race for nothing. They know how to work you so they continue to win.

So what if the topic of interest shifts to your children? It seems like there have been a lot of missing children lately and it’s scary. I would go crazy if something like this happened to me. I would do almost anything to prevent this from happening. This is a perfect scenario for emotional advertising. Check out the video below.

The video was only 15 seconds or so but it makes you think, “What if?” You’re at the park and you turn for a moment to put something away. In that moment your child is gone. You panic but remember that you have a device that is tracking your child’s every move. In no time you find your child and all is right in the world. With this device or even a chip implant, lost children would no longer be an issue. The elderly would be easy to track if they happened to stray from an AFC home and all would be great right? Probably not but this is where emotional advertising could convince you to buy into the idea. I mean, it hits home and no one wants to lose their children so why not buy this device or better yet, lets add a chip so that we can use our smartphones to track them. All is good in the world until privacy is no longer ours and bigger companies run our personal tracking devices. It’s crazy to think that advertising can make us do or buy stuff but its true. Chipping is just an example here in reference to emotional advertising but its not so far fetched.

A few years ago I wrote an ethics essay about chipping. I learned a lot about the idea and how it would be delivered to the people. The selling point falls within the topic of emotional advertising. I would go into detail but instead, I’m going to make this a two-part post and provide my essay so that you can read up on chipping. It’s pretty interesting if you ask me and as I stated before, the selling point involved ones that would hit home. It’s about our kids, elderly Alzheimer patients, animals, and the military. This is something that I have found intriguing and although you may think this is paranoid crap, do a little searching for yourself. Hell, do some YouTube searching and you’ll find out stuff that you never knew before. Happy reading folks!


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