How Pinteresting Are You?

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! There have been a lot of new sites popping up lately but none have had such a following like today’s featured site. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but what about something that’s a bit more Pinteresting? Instead of seeing what everyone is doing and what lame games they are playing let’s learn something new or discover new Pinterests. How about some costume ideas, new recipes, DIY’s (do it yourself), crafts, clothing, destinations, and really anything you can think of. So what site am I rambling about? If you haven’t caught on by now this post is meant to highlight Pinterest, the hot new site on the block and it’s addicting! Oh, what’s that? You haven’t heard of Pinterest yet? Well, this is your lucky day because Jabber Log is going to show you what it’s all about and give you a crash course on how to use it.

So what is Pinterest? Well, it’s a site within the social media universe that allows its users to pin their interests and share them with others. Seems easy enough right? Well along with this comes much more. First off, the site is “invite-only”. I’m not sure how long this will last but there are two ways you can get an invite. You can request an invite from the site or if you have a friend already on Pinterest they can send you one so you can take part in the pinning fun.  Once you have your invite you can sign in with either an email and password or either Facebook or Twitter. It’s just that simple. Afterward you can build your profile and start pinning. Wait…what’s pinning? Well, pinning is just part of what you can do in Pinterest. You can also re-pin, like, comment, follow, and mention others.

Now, I was going to explain everything here but it may sound confusing so instead I have provided a video. I will explain the main stuff and once you view my crash course you will be pinning like a pro!

So there you have it folks! Make sure to check out Pinterest and if you would like an invite make sure to comment that you would and supply your email address. I will promptly send you an invite. Have fun and look out social networks, Pinterest is in the mix and going strong!

Links: Pinterest | Google Chrome Pinterest Extension

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