What can be done when we stand united.

Good morning fellow Jabber Loggers! The past couple days have been excellent for the people of the world and the Internet. For some time now there has been talk about a couple bills that go by SOPA and PIPA. These bills were meant to protect creative property from piracy but in turn would do more harm than good. The bills would ultimately censor the Internet but they were met with rage and revolt from the people. On January 18th, 2012, several sites went dark in protest over SOPA AND PIPA. Even major sites like Google, Wikipedia, Mashable, and WordPress went dark in their own way and even supplied links and forms to send messages to members of Congress to stop the bills. The education was provided and it was up to us, the people, to finally take a stand on something and let the powers that be know that we were not going to stand for this BS. Well…I don’t know whether or not the powers that be thought we would revolt but they got their answer to the bills and they heard us loud and clear.

From what I read, there were over 13 million people who responded online in protest of SOPA AND PIPA. When I learned that WordPress was participating, I immediately jumped onboard. Jabber Log went dark and nothing could be seen except for ways on how to speak up and fight back. Now you can see a black stripe at the upper right-hand corner of my blog that reads, “STOP CENSORSHIP”. Throughout the day of the 18th some major players backing this bill pulled out. It was all over social media and other media outlets. It was awesome to see the people stand up and on January 20th it was announced that both SOPA and PIPA were pulled. Some of the powers that be had made mention that they heard the voice of the people and decided to pull the bills. They also mentioned that the issue of piracy needs to be approached in a different way so we have won for now but I’m sure they will be back soon with another draft.

All I can say is that when the people stand united and revolt we can move mountains. We need to continue writing our officials to let them further know that we will not stand for this. Now, if we can get something like this pulled it makes we wonder what else we can do? The 2012 Presidential Election is coming up and right now everyone is fighting for a nomination. What if the candidates chosen to run for office are not that good? What if we want someone else to run? What would happen if when it came down to voting, we all voted undecided? What would happen then?  Would they choose for us or would they throw everything out? It would be wild to see what would happen if we stood up in this sense. It was just a thought but let’s score one for the people in the fight against censorship. I applaud all of you for your participation. As for SOPA and PIPA and all other bills that try to censor us, you will continue to bite the dust. Cheers!


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  1. hawkdad73 says:

    Wow! They actually listened!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Heck yeah! Oh the things the people can do when we stand united. Awesome!

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