School’s out in three weeks!

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written on Jabber Log. I’ve been pretty busy lately with family, work, and especially school. I have about 3 weeks left and I’m trying to concentrate on my studies as much as possible. My final class revolves around my professional portfolio that will be given to potential clients and employers in the future. All of my assets have been put together and I’m close to being done. Graduation is coming up fast and I can’t wait!

There will be a lot of changes coming in the near future. If you haven’t noticed already, Jabber Log has a new face. You can call it version 2.0 if you’d like. The layout has been changed and only the most recent post will show up as fully visible. All other posts will be at the bottom with a small excerpt and in order to continue reading you will have to click the “read more” link. Along with a new face, Jabber Log has recently surpassed the 15,000 mark with 131 subscribers. I am very proud of that and I thank everyone who helped me get to this point.

I have a lot of ideas for the future of this blog. I can’t say too much but it’s going to be awesome! I will continue to write as much as I can but for the last 3 weeks of school I will be taking somewhat of a break. I need to stay focused and work on my portfolio as well as build a site to showcase my work. I’ve already bought some hosting space and a domain name, I just need to work on the site. If you don’t see anything from me for a while you now know why. I have not and will not throw in the towel on Jabber Log. I’m simply taking a break in order to study harder. Have a good one and continue reading. Cheers!


One comment on “School’s out in three weeks!

  1. Michelle Gacioch says:

    Way to go Ricardo!!!! Keep up the great work. Congrats on 3 weeks left. Proud of you and all you do…..Maddie and Michelle

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