Nerves of steel, voice of reason.

Good evening folks. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post for “Within the Trenches”. As you may know, I am a supervisor for a 911 center. I’ve taken many calls that you wouldn’t believe and others that would make you cringe. The work my fellow co-workers and I do is accomplished by a level head, common sense, a stern voice, thick skin, and nerves of steel. It’s not often that those who work in dispatch, or within the trenches as I call it, receive a lot of kudos. Now, it’s not because we don’t do a good job. We do an excellent job but it’s not always noticed in the media. Amongst our own we give many kudos. When it’s recognized out of the workplace it’s something to be shared.

With that said I have shared stories of horror, sadness, and triumph. I have given shout outs to those in the field as well as those within the trenches. Tonight I would like to continue that by sharing a story that is all over the news and for good reason. A member of my team did something extraordinary today. Around 7a.m. a 25 year old man lead police on a high speed chase. The males family was worried about his well being and called police for assistance. The description of the male and what he was driving went out to area agencies, but once he was spotted the chase was on. It had begun in Holland and worked it’s way into Allegan County. Around the time the chase crossed the county line, the male called 911. Tammy, one of my team members, answered the call. After speaking to the 25 year old, she was able to convince him to not only slow down but to pull over and place his hands on the steering wheel so that officers could help him. An intense and dangerous situation ended peacefully without anyone getting hurt.

I imagine the feeling within dispatch was intense. The intensity of the room can be compared to bracing yourself and slamming the gas pedal. It may sound odd but it’s the only way I can explain it for those who have never experienced the art of a 911 Dispatcher. For those who have experienced work within the trenches, well…you know exactly what I mean. When a situation is at it’s most intense, we take our usual “A” game to the next level. We are calm, smart, and ready for anything. I have worked with Tammy for a long time and I am proud to work along side her and the rest of our co-workers. Great job to everyone who was involved with this call and Tammy…you make up all of which stands for the title of this post. Nerves of steel, voice of reason.

Full article: Man being chased by police calls 911, Allegan dispatcher urges him to slow down, then stop.


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