Birth of a Jedi-Lego Designer

8 years ago today my wife and I were blessed with a baby boy. Our little family grew that day and it’s been an adventure ever since. Logan is an excellent kid. He’s sensitive of others and has a big heart. On top of those qualities he has a great imagination, and his sense of humor and musical taste are superb! He thinks and speaks like an adult and sometimes he catches me off guard. It’s pretty funny when it happens and I just chuckle and think, “Yep, that’s my boy.”

Now, in order for you to get a sense of what Logan is really like, I can tell you a few stories and tid bits of what makes him who he is. First off, he loves LEGO’s. He will build and build and build until we have to tell him to stop. If he’s not building something he’s reading or playing video games but he’d rather build or read. One time we bought him a small set of LEGO’s that made only one ship but after building it he decided to modify it. When he was finally done, he had built three different spaceships out of the one set. Not one of them looked the same. I was amazed! He has built many things by just looking at a picture and it baffles me at how he can do this.

When it comes to music you’ll see Logan dancing or singing. His favorites are, The Beatles, The Doors, Mumford and Sons, Cake, Rush, The Who, and many others. When we used to play Rock Band on our Xbox 360 he would sing Behind Blue Eyes, Working Man, and others. It’s awesome to see him get into music. Whenever he and I are running errands his choice is always The Beatles. He and I will be belting out the words to Get Back and I am the Walrus and people give us odd looks but we’re having a great time. Logan also loves movies! If he had to pick a favorite of all time it would probably be Star Wars. He does an excellent Yoda and he knows almost every character name and vehicle within the Saga. He also does movie quotes with me which is hilarious. The first time he did it he was either 4 or 5. The quote was from A Christmas Story when Ralphie is trying to think of what he wants to ask Santa Claus for Christmas and is ultimately pushed down the slide after hearing the dreaded, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.”

The boy cracks me up and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re one of a kind Logan! You make me laugh when I’m down and our conversations get wacky but that’s what makes everything you do so much fun. I love you very much and I’m proud of you. I’m adding a video for you to watch because you love the song so much. You’re 8 years old today and growing like a weed. I’m going to have to get a second job just to feed you because you eat as much as I do but it’s all worth it buddy. No matter how fast you grow, you’ll always be my little man Logan. I love you and Happy Birthday son!


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