Diaper Wars: Florida Edition

Good morning to all! I hope you had a happy and safe St. Patricks Day last night. It’s been a while since my last post on Diaper Wars but it’s back and today’s episode is a Florida Edition. My family and I recently returned from vacation but while I was there and on break a few things that involved our cloth adventure occurred. It was interesting enough that I had to write about it.

Before we headed out to Florida I began to worry that it was going to be rather hard to use cloth diapers while traveling by car. To be honest the cloth diapers should have been the least of my worries since my 6 month old daughter Lola hates being in her carseat for X amount of time. I should have been wondering about how my wife and I were going to deal with Lola getting uncomfortable in her seat and possibly screaming over an 18 hour road trip. In the end I did what I always do; think too much about the situation and worry for nothing. The cloth diapers were a snap! It was no problem at all so if you’re worried about cloth on a long road trip and think you might use disposables, DON’T DO IT!. Stick with cloth, it’s simple and better for your child.

The entire time we’ve used cloth diapers we have heard that sun drying takes out the stains better than anything else. Every time I’ve heard this I thought,

“Does it really make that much of a difference?”

I figured it would fade it a little and not much else but man was I wrong! While in Florida, my wife bought some rope and set up a line in her parents yard. Once they were completely dry I was shocked to see that they looked as though we had just bought them! That alone made me want to move back. I couldn’t believe how good they looked and on that note I apologize to my wife Rebecca and my friend Candis of EcoBuns. I stand corrected and from now on, and when we can, the sun will be drying all of our cloth diapers.

Using cloth has been awesome and while on our vacation I got the chance to change Lola’s diaper at Legoland. Yep! You read that right, I changed her diaper at Legoland. Now, it might not seem like much because people change diapers all the time but this was in public. Oh yeah! In public and around a lot of people. What makes this even more awesome was that my wife was feeding her at the time. After all this you’re probably wondering why we didn’t take her to the bathroom to change her right? Well I have an answer for that! The changing tables within the bathroom were set next to the sinks and out in the open. They looked rather dirty to begin with so we did it out in the open. Here, let me set the scene for you. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my wife and I are sitting on a bench waiting for the rest of our family to come off a roller coaster. There are tons of people walking around us and others taking pictures with a dinosaur made out of Lego’s to the right of us. My wife has a cover over her while feeding Lola and she leans in to ask me a question.

“Hey can you change Lola’s diaper?”


“Why not? I’m covered right now and you can use it to cover her.”

Believe me when I say that I was completely freaked out and uncomfortable. My wife looked at me like I was being a fool and she had every reason to because I was being a fool. So there we are, on the bench, my wife is feeding Lola, and I’m waiting for my moment to change her diaper. As I’m getting the pre-fold and cover ready, my wife slips off the diaper.

“What are you doing? I’m not ready!”

We began to laugh and I was trying to hurry. In my mind it took forever and everyone was staring at us and giving us dirty looks but in reality we were ninja’s because we actually changed her diaper with a quickness without anyone knowing what was going on. I think at the end of it I belted out,

“Yeah! That’s how we do it!”

And my wife responded with,

“You’re a dork.”

I am a dork and all in all the trip was a success and I was worried for nothing. The Diaper Wars Saga continues and going strong. GroVia seems to be leading the pack but we always go back to Pre-folds. My wife has developed a few folding techniques for our Pre-folds and I swear I have to watch her do it several times before I can get it right. It’s been pretty interesting. I’m glad we got the opportunity to use cloth diapers with Lola and stay tuned for more adventures. Cheers and may the cloth be with you!


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