Walking Dead to an iDevice near you.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to an early edition of Tech Thursday. This sneak peek is so awesome that I had to share it a day early. If you dig zombies then I’m sure you have either read the comic series of The Walking Dead or you have been watching the show on AMC. Well if you’re like me then you can’t get enough of this! I’m a Walking Dead Junkie and I even have the comics so that I can read ahead. So why is The Walking Dead being mentioned in an early edition of Tech Thursday? Well folks, a teaser trailer by Telltale Games has debuted today and it shows an excellent looking preview to a game of The Walking Dead that will hit some time April ’12 for iOS devices. I’m not sure about Android users but it looks as though it will be out for iPhone and such devices first. I can’t wait for this to hit and make sure to check out the trailer below and follow the link for more goodies from Telltale Games where you can pre-order and get the chance to join The Walking Dead cast and die a horrible death. Cheers!


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