EcoBuns & Jabber Log Present: The Share A Story Giveaway!

Hello folks and welcome to the second collaboration between EcoBuns and Jabber Log. It’s been some time since the first but we’re back with another giveaway! So what’s up for grabs this time? Well as you can see from the image here, it’s a brand new GroVia print and the best part is that it’s not even in stores yet. Yep, that’s right, you will have a chance to win this superb looking print and be the envy of the cloth world before it hits stores in mid April. So, you’re probably asking yourself,

“Well what do I have to do?”

Well folks, the contest is titled, “The Share A Story Giveaway”. Why share a story? Well, recently I wrote a post on Diaper Wars that followed my cloth adventure to the state of Florida. After writing this post I decided to share it with EcoBuns. From there it was shared with fans and then I was amazed and honored when I found out that GroVia had also shared my post. This caused a frenzy of views on my blog and none of it would have been possible without a “share” from everyone. So sticking with the same formula, we have decided to base this contest around sharing stories. Ok, so now that I have explained the concept let’s get to the specifics.

— How to enter The Share A Story Giveaway —

1. Like Jabber Log on Facebook and post “complete” on the wall or something to that effect.

2. Like EcoBuns on Facebook and post “complete” on the wall or something to that effect, however, if you are already a fan then please subscribe to Jabber Log on WordPress. (There is a sign up button on the left side of the main page.)

3. Last but not least, you will comment to this post and share a funny story.

Now, you’re probably wondering if the funny story can be about anything but what we’re looking for is a funny story that involves a unique diaper change. For example, the story about my wife and I changing our daughters diaper at Legoland, in public, and while she was feeding. The contest will begin at the time of this posting and will go until midnight of 03/28/12. As for a limit, there is no limit to how many stories you can post as long as they are in by the deadline. On Wednesday the 28th we will go through all the stories and narrow them down to four finalists. After those have been chosen we will post them on Jabber Log where everyone can vote on the best one. This will hopefully be done by the end of Wednesday so that everyone can get in on the voting. On Saturday the 31st the polls will be closed and a winner will be chosen by the highest number of votes it received. This is meant to be fun so dig deep into your memory banks and bust out some funny diaper change stories. We look forward to reading them and may the cloth be with you.

Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form is Facebook or GroVia directly affiliated with this contest. Also, if your story is chosen as winner and you live in Canada you will be required to pay shipping costs.


16 comments on EcoBuns & Jabber Log Present: The Share A Story Giveaway!

  1. well i guess my funniest and worse diaper change was when my son poop while in his jumparoo and I didn’t know it. Poop had went done both legs and he was jumping in it, when I picked him up my hand got poop all over it, than I tried to get his socks and baby legs off without touch more poop and when the sock came off poop slung all over the wall. My baby had poop up his back and all over him, it was awful but funny at the same time. I had to wash his jumparoo and mop the floor. tall_person13@yahoo.com

    1. Ricardo says:

      That is crazy but hilarious! I just woke up and saw this and I was LOL’ing! Good work! 8)

  2. Lisa Beard says:

    So my husband and I like to hike and camp. We were on vacation with our first, who was around 8-9 months at the time and she needed a change. The back of the truck was filled with gear, we were hot and sweaty from hiking and the child was hot, sweaty and tired. Since no space was available in the back of our truck, where we normally changed her, we came up with the brilliant idea to change her while my husband held her! Have you ever tried to change a squirmy, tired baby suspended in someone’s arms? Not easy and never repeated! A smart couple probably would have changed her on the driver’s seat or on the ground, but not us! We had to do it the unconventional way!

  3. Tammy says:

    My worst and funniest diaper change was actually on my niece. I was babysitting her and went to change her diaper on the couch. It was a messy diaper so it took a little extra time to clean her up and boy was she a wiggle worm. I got her all cleaned up and was getting ready to get the clean diaper when she proceeded to sit up on the couch, look right at me and poop some more. Thankfully I had a towel and changing pad down so the couch was saved but boy did go everywhere. Needless to say she got wiped up again, in the tub and immediately diapered. That was the end of the episode. What a mess to clean up and deal with while I was pregnant with my own son. So thankful he never had any explosions on me.

  4. DeAnna Kraak says:

    Way back when my son was a newborn (almost 2 years ago) I was home alone for the first time – My husband had been on “vacation” for a week and a half and had gone back to work. I thought I was doing pretty good for dealing with “issues in my girly bits” and having a newborn son and two large dogs….I nursed the baby, snuggled with him, and felt the bum rumbles of baby poo. So I got up to change him, sure enough he exploded through his diaper and onesie. I get him all cleaned off, and He pees – it arcs in the air and “SPLASH!” right in his eye! I wipe him off, clean him up again, and just as I set his fresh little bum on the new diaper (before I close it up around him) he POOPS with the force of a super-soaker water gun – Projectile POO! I was able to jump out of the way and it got my pant leg just a little bit, but it got the rug and the DOG a lot! I Cleaned up the baby, put him in the bassinet, changed my pants, and bathed the dog. She looked humiliated, but I really couldn’t stop laughing! This was the first time she got pooped on, but definitely not the last!

  5. Anne says:

    It was the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital. She needed a diaper change and since I was understandably exhausted my husband offered to change her so that I could rest and visit with my parents who’d come to see the baby. All of a sudden from her bedroom we hear, “Dude! Dude! Dude! Awwww duuuuuude!” (remember that Bud Light commercial from a couple of years back? Yeah, it was kinda like that). I go rushing back to see what’s going on. Turns out that sweet baby girl of mine started to pee when he took the diaper off. And if that wasn’t enough, she was also a bit gassy so that as the pee ran down her little bum she was blowing bubbles in it. We still laugh about it 2 1/2 yrs later!

  6. Soukna Wilson says:

    My funniest, first an worst diaper change with cloht diapers was when I actually was trying on cloth for the first time with my son. I just want to see how things fit. We got the econobum 3 prefold trial package. I know I am suppose to wash it a few times before having my son in them, but being that my son has never had cloth and I’ve been dying to get my hands on some since I had my first born I was way too excited so I just fit it on him. Well he ended up peeing in there. Which of course he had to. I ut the diaper on the wrong way and had to YOUTUBE it after everyone on ECOBUNS told me how to place it. So when I finally got it right put another one on and the cover on he POOPED! Its wasnt just a small poop either. It was a HUGE ONE! As I lay him down on the carpet wondering what I was going to do he looked at me, smile and SIGH. Thankfully my son is still breast feeding so we got the poo off clean. =) When I went to grab to grab some disposable, my son turned around and grabbed the last pre fold, mind you hes all nakey at this pint, he endede up crawling up to the prfold sitting on it and peeing on it. Looks like my son is wanting to be on cloth 😉

  7. Jessica Wesel says:

    My funniest diaper change story was not actually with our cloth diapers, but because we cloth diaper.

    We recently had our 4th baby and have are cloth diapering parents. In the hospital we were using the provided disposables and clearly we have forgotten how. I had changed my brand new son and because he was tiny and to protect his cord stump we needed to fold down the front of the diaper. I am not sure exactly what happened but when my husband went to change him there was poo everywhere. I had not put the diaper on correctly and there was clearly a problem as a result, more poo was out of the diaper than in. My husband and I were trying to get the baby changed, laughing hysterically and the nurse walked in. Our precious boy decided to pick that time to pee everywhere and then spit up an epic amount of milk. We were dying we were laughing so hard and the nurse never seemed sure that we really were “experienced” parents again. I tried to explain that we cloth diapered thing to her, but she was clearly not as amused as we were.

    We were thrilled when we were finally able to get the little guy into cloth diapers when we got home. We are MUCH better at changing cloth apparently.

  8. Jessica Wesel says:

    When we first brought home our daughter from the hospital, (she is 11 now) my husband was changing her first diaper at home. As new parents this was a BIG event. =) I was resting on the couch when he came running out the bedroom yelling “You have GOT to see this! She pooped all over the wall!” I could not believe it but sure enough there was new baby poo all over the wall. We learned very quickly that even little girls need to stay coverd while being changed to avoid a mess. Our first experience with explosive poo was a memorable one.

  9. My mom and I went out shopping one week and I had both my boys and a nephew. After getting to the second store I started taking my sleeping 21 month old out of the car seat only to find that he had peed through in less that 2 hours in that diaper. So I grabbed an extra outfit for the diaper bag from the car and headed to the changing station in the bathroom. DS wasn’t to happy to be woke up but he was drenched. I started taking off everything..shoes, pants, shirt and was starting to get to his socks…he was standing on the table at this point and as I am reaching to take off his sock I notice a stream of pee going down his leg! He was peeing even more and he still had his diaper on so it was going straight out of his diaper and down his leg. Of course this rest room only had air driers with cold air so I had to use toilet paper to wash him off with and I didn’t have any extra socks with me so poor little guy had to go bare foot though the store (riding in the cart) luckily it wasn’t cold out.

  10. My son is only 3 weeks old but in classic boy fashion he has already peed all over us several times before we got the clean diaper on him. Once he showered me all down my shirt. Learning to diaper is proving to be tons of fun.

  11. Lisa Buys says:

    As brand new parents, we had no idea what we were getting into with this whole diapering changing thing, but we were relieved that we were having a girl so that we wouldn’t be subjected to “the hose” of a little boy. Low and behold as the first diaper was being changed in the hospital, her pee shot everywhere! Our little one didn’t have a hose, she had a super soaker! To top it all off she would wait until the diaper was off to unleash her furry. Lesson of the day: Do not repeatedly state to everyone how thankful you are that you are having a girl because you won’t have to deal with a little boy’s pee spraying “hose,” you may just curse yourself!

    1. Emily Elizabeth says:

      LOL! My daughter definitely “hosed” me more than my son ever has!!

  12. dfthroesch says:

    I flew down to Florida to visit my parents this winter and took my (then) 2 month old boy. Our flight was going to begin boarding soon, and I wanted to make sure my baby had a clean diaper for the flight. Anyone who has tried to change a baby on an airplane knows why! Because changing diapers in the middle of the airport is considered bad form, we made our way to the bathroom. Like I mentioned earlier, this was Florida, in the winter. Elderly people were everywhere. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the geniuses who designed this bathroom put the baby changing station in the handicapped stall. I saw a little old lady scoot in the stall just as we walked in, so I waited. People kept coming in and asking if I was in line, and I would reply “No, I’m just waiting for the handicapped stall”, over and over. I waited over 5 minutes before just changing him on the bathroom floor. A woman came out of a stall and laughed. “Somethings just aren’t worth waiting for”, she said.

  13. Emily Elizabeth says:

    I just wanted to say that this is a super cool way to do a giveaway! The robot print is AWESOME in person, the blue is sooooo beautiful. My little boy loves his! I’m subscribing to your blog, but clearly don’t want in your contest, that wouldn’t be fair!
    ~~Emily (emily@gro-via.com)

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thank you very much for the kudos! My wife and I had never used cloth before and my friend turned us onto it. It made me want to do the “Diaper Wars” section of Jabber Log and it has become quite popular. Helping with the giveaways has been fun and I like to read others stories so that and your share of my Legoland story helped us come up with the basis of this giveaway. Thanks again and the voting portion of the contest finishes at the end of tomorrow so we’ll see how many votes come out. Have a good one Emily and if you can, please help us spread the word for the finalists! 8)

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