Great Scott! Doc Brown Would Be Proud.

Good morning fellow Jabber Loggers! Welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! Today we look at an invention that was brought to the big screen in Back to the Future. The invention was crazy and unbelievable! No, I’m not talking about Doc’s time machine, I’m talking about his mind reading helmet. His invention involved the use of a helmet that was attached to some sort of computer like contraption and it had a cord with a suction cup that would stick to a subjects forehead. The suction cup would send whatever thoughts the subject was thinking to Doc’s helmet thus allowing him to read that persons mind. His invention did not work as we all saw in the movie, which is good because what he did invent was time travel.

The idea of a mind reader has not gone away though. In fact, someone has invented a similar mind reading device called the “iBrain.” The device consists of a headband that reads your brainwaves. According to Mashable, iBrain was invested by a team at NeroVigil. The company, based in San Diego, is led by neuroscientist Dr. Phillip Low. There have been break-through’s with this device and the team also has physicist Stephen Hawking onboard for testing. There is a long way to go before the device is perfected but rest assure that the team behind iBrain is doing everything they can to bring this to the public and help those with disabilities such has Hawking.

So what do you think? It sounds like a crazy idea but if it works and it can help the disabled I say bring it on! Back to the Future may have made Doc look like somewhat of a nutbag but maybe he was really onto something. Maybe someone is working on a DeLorean time machine too? Maybe not but we can only hope right? Make sure to check out the whole article on Mashable.com and the video below for a rundown on the iBrain. Cheers!


Source: Mashable – iBrain Headband Can Read Your Thoughts


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