Conversations that last a lifetime…

Crazy things happened to us throughout our lives. People come and go but it’s the conversations that last a lifetime. This past Tuesday I had a conversation with my team, and a couple officers. The conversation was hilarious and it involved a time when I had gone to the Old Country Buffett with my wife and our friends. We had been there for a while and of course, I had to use the restroom. So I got up and went for it. I usually try to wait until I get home because public restrooms suck but I couldn’t wait.

I walked by snotty kids who were running around. They were obviously annoying others while they ate their dinner. I laughed and made my way to the restroom. I chose a stall and sat down. Now, I know this is getting personal and possibly gross but it’s funny. I’m sure everyone has had a moment of stage fright when someone else enters the bathroom and I’m no different. I sat awkwardly waiting for the person to leave, but instead I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey bro, you need a poop buddy?”

I busted up laughing. My friend did the same and sat in the next stall. The story was short. The story was funny and I shared it with my co-workers. We laughed and had a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will remember this because one of my co-workers who took part in the laughter recently passed away. It’s a shock and out of no where. But I will remember him through this story and his laughter.

On a personal note…I will miss you bro. It’s crazy to think that you’re gone. We were just laughing and joking this past Tuesday. We even talked about you taking over my shift and I expected to see you this morning for coffee and more stories filled with laughter. It’s just surreal bro. I’m trying to stay strong and fight back my tears as I type this but it’s hard. Since I started working here we’ve been cool. We hung out with our group many times and it was always fun. Monday Night Football (MNF) isn’t going to be the same without you. I don’t know that I will be able to have a Stella without thinking about the Stella glasses that we would use during MNF.  It’s going to be hard brother but we will manage as we always do. Thanks for always laughing and joking, thanks for being you my friend. For the rest of my life I will live by a quote you posted within the last couple weeks,

Life is short, Live it. Love is rare, Grab it. Anger is bad, Dump it. Fear is awful, Face it. Memories are sweet, Cherish it.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do sir.


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  1. Suzi says:

    LOL boy I laughed and cried at this one Ricky! I can just hear Scott laughing at that one. It is surreal I know. God has chosen him too early. We all will pull through this. I was blown away by what he posted on facebook on the 30th. But it is so true and it was beautiful what he said.

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