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Hello all! Today is Friday and here in Michigan it is bright and sunny. Usually I try to do a Friday at the Movies post but I’m thinking of switching it. I want to do something similar to what Twitter does on Friday and it is known as #FF. For those who don’t know what this is, Twitter uses a hashtag (#) in front of keywords like FF or Follow Friday. It’s used as a way to quickly find other posts that relate to #FF, for example, or anything else that has a hashtag and keyword. So every Friday people head to Twitter and type up something to the effect of,

“Hey everyone make sure to #FF @JabberLog”

People are able to find others to follow and connect with. This helps build a fan base and gain followers. So what I’m thinking is that I can do a Feature Friday on Jabber Log. If you are a blogger, a store owner, an artist, someone who is running a contest, a fundraiser, or anything that you would like some exposure on, you can do it on Jabber Log. I already have the Creative Corner where I feature stories, poems, etc. but this would be for everyone. Each Friday, Jabber Log will feature something new. Let’s see how far this can go. I’m always looking for new things to do and new people to feature. If you have any ideas let me know by commenting or emailing me at jabberlog69@gmail.com. When this starts you will be able to spread the word with Jabber Log’s new features and if you have Twitter you can use #FeatureFriday as the hashtag. It looks like some people already use it but let’s jump on it and get some people noticed! Cheers!


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