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A while back I had come up with an idea where people could be involved in a zombie apocalypse. Their involvement would be shown by the messages they left behind for the living. It started out well and was hot for a bit but the big picture was lost when I became too busy for my own creation. It sucked because there were some good entries but I couldn’t keep up with it. It was on an entirely separate blog and after a while I just lost sight of it. So now I’m bringing it back. I’m thinking of taking what was done on the other blog entitled, “Notes for the Living” and incorporate it here on Jabber Log through mini episodes. I have so much traffic going through Jabber Log that I should have done it this way in the first place. The zombie story is a good one and people I know kept asking when the next note would be put up on the zombie blog in the beginning so hopefully it will continue its popularity here. What I thought made this so good was that the readers would themselves contribute to the story line by submitting their own notes. They would leave a note describing their situation and use their first name, city and state. By doing this others would not only make the story interesting with their own situation but it would show how far the infection had spread. It was interesting to read what others left for their loved ones and strangers to read. To start this out I am going to do the most obvious thing; start at the beginning. The story is seriously based on true events.  Only the beginning of it is, of course, and the rest is made up. I had held onto the basis of this story for a long time. I was waiting for the right opportunity and I finally got it in the form of a contamination story around my hometown. Everything fit and what came out was the beginning of a good zombie story. So without further ado, and please comment, I present to you; Note for the Living – The Beginning.

March 24th, 2012.

The world has gone to hell and fast. The unthinkable has happened and I’m left to find my family. Who would’ve thought this day would come? The infected roam the streets and what little survivors that are left have bunkered down or have fled to the nearest military check point. I have been here for days. I’m waiting for you to return Rebecca. I had a bad feeling the night I lost you and the kids. I took the overtime in dispatch because we needed the money for our annual trip to Florida. Had I known it would turn out like this, I would have never called back.

That night I had been reading about the problems in Fennville. A local factory had been spraying their waste in different fields for years. The chemicals that were sprayed made their way into the water of the city and people were getting sick. I thought it was crazy how something like this could happen. I took a call from a nurse at Allegan ER who told me that two guys came in with a weird illness. They were rambling that they had just escaped from a migrant camp to seek medical attention. I was told that they were being held captive with others that were sick and separated from those who were healthy. A few of them worked in a blueberry field near by as well as the factory in Fennville. They believed that the chemicals that were being sprayed in the field caused their illness.

We sent officers and the fire department out to the camp to search for people that were being held captive. Once they got there everything went to hell. All we could hear were gunshots and screaming. Everyone made it out but they left a bloodbath of several bodies in a home that appeared to be dead when they got there. As the officers made their way to the sheriff’s department, I received a phone call from the emergency room. The screams for help attacked my ears and I could hear something horrifying. It almost sounded like chewing. I could hear cries of agony. We sent officers to the hospital and our 911 lines blew up. Those who were infected had overrun the area where the migrant camp was located. It spread so fast that we couldn’t keep up. There was so much radio traffic that the system overloaded and broke down. My team and I decided to leave for our respective families.

I hurried home for you Rebecca. I hurried home for you and the kids. When I got here you were gone. I’ve waited long enough. I don’t think you’ll be back. I leave this note for the living. You must know how this started. I’m heading back to dispatch to find you Rebecca. If you see this, find me there. I love you.


(video below is a voice-over version of the note above. disregard the website at the end, it will all be here now)


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